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BBC Interview On Iconic Photography

Live Interview On BBC World News


Thrilled to have permission from the BBC to share this clip of myself and journalism student Wilton Jackson from the University of Baton Rouge being interviewed on a segment about iconic photography.

The segment was based around the superb photograph from the Baton Rouge protest (July 10th, 2016) by Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman.

This clip is being used with full permission of the BBC (Global Planning Editor, BBC News, London). This was a live broadcast on July 21st, 2016.


How To Light A Car

The Rather Special Lamborghini Aventador

A very interesting video showing how photographer Blair Bunting uses possibly the largest lightbox ever, along with around $60,000 in other lighting kit, to light this rather wonderful supercar.

A really interesting aspect of this video is seeing how adding smaller accent lights effects the way the shapes of the car are brought out. Although not a fan of retouching in this kind of extreme (after all, I’m a photojournalist primarily), the talent of the retoucher are to be admired.