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Custom Tailored Photography, DSLR Video and Software Workflow One-on-one Workshops

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Through the years, on assignment, giving presentations and collecting the occasional award for my work.

I thoroughly enjoy passing on knowledge and tips and helping those new to the industry or a particular aspect of our work to pick up new skills and further their career. Anyone who has been on any one of my workshops or presentations will hopefully agree. Having started as a photographer in 1989, there’s usually a thing or two that I can pass on!

I’ve discovered that there is very much a need for a different kind of workshop however, a more focused and bespoke workshop. We are all at different levels in our photography and therefore have different needs as far as education is concerned. Whilst group workshops are a fine thing, custom tailored workshops mean that in a matter of a day or two, so much knowledge is gained, that it puts the group method definitely in second place.

At the moment I can offer bespoke one-on-one workshops on the following topics:

Photography, DSLR Video, Audio, Multimedia / Convergence, Workflow, Portfolio Editing, Photo Essay Construction, Aperture and Video Editing (Final Cut)

Naturally this is a very general list; if a topic isn’t listed, do get in touch and if it’s something I can help with, I will. If not, perhaps I may know someone who can. Also, depending on how in-depth we need to go, several topics can be covered in a day.

To get a general feel for the kind of feedback my last series of group workshops with the extremely talented Jeff Ascough received, have a look HERE.

Here are some comments from recent bespoke one-on-one workshop attendees:

We have always considered photography a complex business, in which technical skills and business capabilities should be developed together. When looking for a workshop to improve what we know and the way we do it, we are not looking just for a technical course, but forsomething that can help us to improve our presence as photographers as a whole. The one-to-one workshop we had the possibility to do with Edmond Terakopian was exactly what we were looking for: photography in the skill and in the business. During a structured day, Edmond analysed both our work and our market strategy with honesty and providing constructive criticism and feedback. After having seen the way we work he always showed us different ways or approaches, always comparing different way of doing things. We have been able to look at our current work from a different perspective, re-thinking our business strategy and our technical approach. I have particularly loved the fact that he did not limit the day to the photography as technical art, but he acted as mentor for the business side of it, sharing ideas, way of working, strategies and tips.”There are no magic shortcuts in this market” he told us, but unlike many others he gave us the tool to build a better future. I think that if you like to attend a course that will help you round up all the sides of photography, Edmond is definitely a great mentor you can learn from. Carlo and Fabiana Nicora, Lifestyle & Fashion Photographers.

“Sometimes you come across a real expert in their field, someone with many years experience of the good, and bad, things in a professional area. Sometimes you meet a great teacher, one who takes the trouble to work out what you really need, where your weakness – and strengths – lie, who inspires you, and is not afraid to challenge a little. Rarely do you get both in the same place. Edmond Terakopian is such a person. The time we spent in a bespoke workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made. We covered an enormous amount of ground, and his patience, enthusiasm and attention did not let up for one second. Already I’ve put some of his advice into practice, and very quickly secured a great commission at a proper professional rate only days later, using his direct guidance on positioning and recognising my value. Highly recommended”. Paul Clarke /photographer & technologist.

“I have just done a one day workshop on using video on my DSLR with Edmond Terakopian. I was a complete beginner in video DSLR so wanted a good basic grounding in how to get up and running with my Canon 5D MkII. Edmond took me through story boarding, sound, shooting, essential equipment and editing. He gave me some really good tips and answered all my (many) questions in a clear and understandable way. I now feel confident about going out and starting to shoot small films and editing them on either iMovie or Final Cut Express. Edmond is a great teacher. The day was really enjoyable and taught me more than enough to get me started!” Rosie Hallam / award winning photojournalist.

“The two day one-to-one workshop with Edmond was excellent, both in terms of quality of material and Edmond’s relaxed attitude towards training.  The two days taught me a lot about DSLR HD Video recording and editing as well as an in depth introduction to sound recording and associated peripherals needed.  I can wholeheartedly recommend a one-to-one session with Edmond – the man knows his stuff!”. Kevin Mullins / wedding photographer.

“I’d originally come across Edmond through his various articles in the BJP (including a recent review of the legendary Leica Noctilux), as well as his on-line tutorial work with Nik software.  So when I made the plunge into the unknown by buying a Leica M9, having been a long-time Canon user, I decided to e-mail Edmond on the off-chance to see if he might give me a ‘one-on-one’ introduction to my new Leica.  I was delighted when he said he’d be pleased to do so and so we agreed to meet a few days later for a day of individual tuition; in the meantime Edmond sent me a steady stream of his personal recommendations including an ideal Leica camera bag, as well as strap (both of which I have subsequently bought and am delighted with). 

We met on a sunny Friday afternoon on London’s busy South Bank.  Edmond had a great schedule in mind…we started with a ‘working lunch’ when I peppered Edmond with lots of questions surrounding my new Leica, and how to make the transition from Canon.  I then shared some images that I’d brought along, at Edmond’s request, and then we headed out on to the South Bank with our Leicas.  We spent a couple of hours shooting a variety of ‘street photography’ images together, and then headed back to our ‘base camp’ (in the shape of the ideal BFI cafe) where we uploaded and critiqued our respective images, had some tea, before heading out again for another shoot.

It was a fabulous day; so much so that I’ve already booked another day with Edmond!  So what made it so great?  Well, firstly, Edmond is a truly delightful person to spend time with…friendly, patient, relaxed, and with an easy-going style.  Secondly, he really knows his stuff…whether it’s anything to do with the Leica camera and lenses (and Canon’s); image processing; or the craft of ‘street photography’, then Edmond has all the answers.  Thirdly, he’s a great teacher…getting the balance just right between giving me advice and feedback, and just letting me ‘get on with it’ and ‘learn by doing’, as well as being patient with my battery of questions!  I also learned by just watching him at work…and comparing his (more successful!) approach to street photography compared to my own.  Lastly, he’s a brilliant craftsman when it comes to street photography…I was both inspired and challenged by the superiority of his (brilliant) images compared to my own!

So I can’t recommend Edmond highly enough and am already looking forward to our next session together.  I had a wonderful combination of great fun, intense practical learning, and inspiration and I came away with more confidence and, more importantly, having made a new friend.”  Jim Grover

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  1. Hey everybody – if you want to learn from the best, don’t look any further than Edmond!

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