Workshops and Training

I’m a firm believer that one never stops learning. Every shoot brings unique circumstances and one learns something new every day. Having started as a passionate photographer in 1986, I turned professional in 1989, primarily as a photojournalist, but also as a commercial photographer, a social photographer and also as a short film maker.

Photographer Edmond Terakopian tutoring at a Panasonic Lumix S1R workshop for Jessops Academy tutors, showcasing the new camera on behalf of Panasonic UK. Natural Hisotry Museum, London, UK. May 09, 2019. Photo: Pete Walker / Jessops Academy /

I thoroughly enjoy passing on knowledge and tips and helping those new to the industry, the hobby or a particular aspect of our work as professionals, to pick up new skills and further their career. Anyone who has been on any one of my workshops or presentations will hopefully vouch for my passion and energy for image making.

Photographer Edmond Terakopian gives a presntation on his career, “30 years of photography; photojournalism and beyond”, at the Behind The Lens theatre. The Photography Show, NEC, Birminham, UK. March 19, 2019. Photo: Yoshie Nishikawa

My clients on my bespoke one on one workshops are roughly a 50/50 split between professional photographers and passionate enthusiast photographers, either looking at building on existing skills or to take the jump into professional photography.

Whilst I’m an enthusiastic adapter of the newest technologies, I firmly believe it’s not our tools for image making, but our thoughts, emotions and visual intellect that allows us to craft great photographs. As with most photographers, I rather dislike the thought to be complimentary phrase “I love that picture. You must have a great camera”! #grrrr

Edmond Terakopian working in Brick Lane, London. October 22, 2017. Photo: Daniel Beltra

I love using the best photographic gear I can get my hands on, as do most photographers. however, my ethos is that if you work on your skills and visual education, you will enjoy that new camera even more.

A fleeting fancy on new gear, can become frustrating as the equipment gets in the way, as opposed to becoming helpful. It’s all about learning how to use the new gear, not just technically, but to help craft a sophisticated aesthetic. It can thus help photography become a life long passion that enriches not only the photographer, but those around them; be they family, clients, attendees at an exhibition or readers of a publication featuring one’s photographs.

Whilst I give many group workshops, talks and presentations, years ago I discovered the best method is the bespoke one on one, as the topics are tailor made and discussed at the speed and depth needed by my client. Some clients will book a day or two, whilst I have clients who have been with me for several years. The flexibility is there for your exact needs.

Backstage opera attire; a self portrait in the mirror by the stage door, using the Sony A9. Also shooting with a Leica M10 and using the super useful Think Tank Photo Hubba Hubba Hiney. Opening Night; Poulenc and Chabrier double bill by the Royal College of Music International Opera School. Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London, UK. June 28, 2017. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Over the years, I’ve given workshops and talks for Apple, Canon, Leica, Olympus and Panasonic. I was a tutor at the Leica Akademie in Mayfair, an Olympus Visionary, on the Apple Advisory Board for Aperture, am an Adobe Influencer and work in an ambassadorial role with Panasonic. I’ve also been writing camera reviews for the best UK photography magazines, which means I shoot with a very wide range of cameras and lenses, so regardless of your camera brand, I can help improve your skillset.

Photojournalist Edmond terakopian on assignment with his Lumix S1, S1R and G9. Put It To The People March. Official figures put the numbers at the anti Brexit march at over one million. The demonstration, marched in central London calling for another EU referendum. The demo ends in Parliament Square. London, UK. March 23, 2019. Photo: Ian Burley

The most popular subjects are Street Photography, Lightroom use and a tailored workflow and Video (including audio and editing on FCP X). However, the list is varied, flexible and consists also of photojournalism, portraiture, lighting, backup strategy, portfolio editing, photo essay construction, social media and so on. For professional photographers, the business aspects are crucial, so I’m happy to mentor on the business aspects too. If your needs are listed, don’t hesitate to get in touch and if I can help, I will.

On assignment for the Wembley Observer. 1990.

If you’re an organisation that would like training or a presentation talk, do drop me a line with your needs. I’m also happy to give talks to camera clubs, so contact me.

Please see my Bespoke Workshops page for more info as well as testimonials. You can reach me via my Contact Page.

Edmond Terakopian in Karabakh. 1994. Photo: Hakob Berberyan