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The Seam Between Photojournalist and Artistic Photography

As the year comes to a close, I was truly humbled and moved when photography commentator Shira Shavit wrote a piece about my work on her extremely popular LinkedIn.

Opera singer Ida Ränzlöv, singing the part of Arminda, Anchise’s niece, waits backstage for her cue. Mozart’s La finta giardiniera. Dress rehearsal. Royal College of Music Opera School, Prince Consort Road, London. November 25, 2016. Photo: ©OEdmond Terakopian / 2016

Shira chose a backstage photograph of opera singer extraordinaire, Ida Ränzlöv, as a leading image and very kindly wrote the following about my work.

“I usually write about photographers who are not among the living. For photographers who have left a priceless legacy. That influenced me. Who left a mark on me. I have written very little about photographers while they are still alive. But this Is one of the pulse-pounding photographers and I am very attached to his work. A brave connection of a viewer In front of the work of the photographer – It’s a special bond . Edmond Is one of them. The seam between photojournalist and artistic photography – He symbolizes for me. Beyond being a photographer of supreme grace he Is also a wonderful human . Photographers show us the world, through the lenses of their eyes. I have a real and sincere fondness for observing the subject Of the world through the lenses of Edmond’s special eye.”

“Photography as a language, of all visual languages, Is known to be the most intuitive, completely unmediated and speaks directly to the brain. There Is a factor In photography that evokes the almost physiological response of the word / sound – wow. The wow factor – I found In his work.” – Shira Shavit, December 2021.

Shortlisted In CUPOTY

Close-up Photographer of the Year 03

Well, here’s a first for me! Being recognised for some macro work!

Delighted to share that one of my pictures has made the shortlist for Close-up Photographer of the Year, in the Manmade category of CUPOTY 03.
The image is a macro shot of the intricate nib design on my Montegrappa Merry Skull copper fountain pen.

Italian Flair; the intricate nib design on my Montegrappa Merry Skull Copper Fountain Pen. London, UK. May 08, 2021. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

The photograph was made using a Lumix G9 and a Leica R 60mm Macro lens and extension tube. Apologies for my lateness with this post, as the announcement was in October this year!

Second Place-A portrait that tells a story contest

Absolutely delighted to come second place in the WANDRD and Kodak Professional, “A portrait that tells a story” international photography contest.

Miner Ian Turner, at the end of his shift. Aberpergwm Mine is the only remaining operational coal mine in the UK and is the only source of high-grade anthracite in Western Europe. The produce from the mine is used in water filtration, stainless steel production and rechargeable batteries, to name some of its uses. Aberpergwm Mine, Glynneath, Neath, Wales, UK. July 30, 2021. Photo: ©Edmond Terakopian

The portrait was shot on a Panasonic Lumix G9 and Leica DG 50-200mm. The raw file was processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic and finished in Exposure Software’s X7.

Rather enjoying some of the prizes, including the very neat WANDRD PRVKE LITE backpack and the rolls of Kodak Portra, which will be put to good use! Photo: ©Edmond Terakopian

The Heartbreaking Loss Of Tom Stoddart

A Legend Of A Friend To Many, An Inspiration To Many More and A Legendary Photojournalist To The World

It was with exceptional sadness that I found that earlier today, Tom Stoddart had passed away. Absolutely devastating news.

Photographer Tom Stoddart at the Coach and Horses, Kew Green. October 04, 2009. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

One of the most amazing people I had the absolute honour and pleasure to meet and count as a colleague and a friend. 

We first met when I gatecrashed the National Geographic magazine’s party at Visa Pour L’Image, some time in the 1990s. Found Tom at the bar when I went to get drinks. With our beers in hand, we just started chatting like best friends, for probably over an hour! Kindness, wisdom, patience, all for the 20 something year old kid he’s just been practically accosted by! I was a huge fan of his exceptional work and from that evening onwards, became a huge fan of the thoughtful gentleman behind the camera. 

I’m heartbroken. The world of journalism has lost a true great and all of us who were fortunate to know Tom, have lost a true and inspiring friend. Every conversation with Tom was always interesting and usually, had a lesson in life too, garnered from his experiences photographing some of the worst in humanity, whilst always finding how the best in humanity can shine through in those dire moments and places.

You can see the breadth, depth and exceptionalism of Tom’s work on his Instagram, Tom Stoddart Photos.

Photographer Tom Stoddart at his Perspectives Exhibition, More London Riverside. August 08, 2012. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

When I got in touch with Tom last year, to say we were putting together a fundraising print sale for Médecins Sans Frontières’ Covid-19 fund, he didn’t hesitate to offer one of his amazing photographs. More than any one of the 42 photographers involved, he would constantly check in to see how things were going leading up to the sale and if he could help in any way.

The first time I had heard of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), it was through Tom’s extraordinary work, documenting the famine and humanitarian crisis in Sudan in 1998. He had based himself at an MSF aid station, but had taken all the food and water he needed for his stay, as he refused to use up any resources which were there for the local population and the medical team who had gone to their aid. On his return, The Guardian newspaper published a selection of the images in August 1998, with one displayed prominently on the front page. At Tom’s request, the text included a phone for readers to donate to MSF. As a direct result of people seeing these images, more than £100,000 was raised for the charity. If memory recalls, Tom insisted the same conditions on other major publications and much more was actually raised. In fact the print that Tom donated to our print auction, was from this trip. A wonderful photography showing a rare moment of joy between siblings at Ajiep, in Bahr El Ghazal Province , south Sudan.

Through your exceptional work, ethos, compassion, empathy and depth, much admired and a true inspiration to us all.

We have all lost a legendary friend and a legendary photojournalist.

Rest dear Tom.

Photographer Tom Stoddart at his Perspectives Exhibition, More London Riverside. August 08, 2012. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

This short film interview with Tom is an absolute must watch.

Tom Stoddart | Witness from Neale James on Vimeo.


A few links to obituaries and galleries, which give a taste of Tom’s absolute dedication, talent and empathy:

In place of flowers, an opportunity to donate to the place that’s been treating our friend Tom Stoddart for over a year.

This memorial page is to raise funds for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which is based at the Freeman Hospital where Tom was treated for 18 months.

Please donate:

Black and White Photography Awarded

Three Honourable Mentions at the 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards

Very happy to share that several of my monochrome images have had awards success at the BW Spider Awards. During the online Gala Ceremony, attended by by over 11,000, I was thrilled to receive three honourable mentions and also discover that five other images had also been nominated. 

Honourable Mentions

PhotojournalismA Vigil By Smartphone Lights. Fundraising and Candlelight Vigil. Following miltary action by Azerbaijan with the backing of Turkey from the 27th of September, against the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) and Armenia, a war has ensued in the region. Armenian communities in the diaspora gather to raise funds with the defence effort and humanatarian crisis in Artsakh and Armenia. Members of the Armenian community in the UK gather for a candle lit vigil (using smartphone lights as a result of health and safety rules) and fund raising event for the Armenia Fund (Himnadram) with the support of the Armenian Apostolic Church in London. St. Yeghiche Armenian Church, South Kensington, London, UK. October 10, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian.

Shot on a Lumix S1 and a Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art lens.

AmericanaClassic Corvettes. The Classic Car Drive In Weekend (a new style of socially distanced, COVID-compliant classic car show for buyers, collectors and petrol-heads as well as movie-goers). Bicester Heritage, Buckingham Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK. September 18, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Lumix S1R and Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art lens.

PeopleA chorister is dressed in traditional Armenian choir outfit, with a more modern face visor as protection following guidelines. Churches Allowed To Open After Easing Of UK COVID 19 Lockdown. The Apostolic Orthodox Armenian Church is one of the most ancient Christian institutions. The Kingdom of Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion. Having live streamed services during the pandemic lockdown, St Yeghiche Church opened its doors for public worship on Sunday 5th July 2020. Kensington, London, UK. July 05, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Lumix S1 and S Pro 70-200mm f2.8. 


ArchitectureConcord Road, Industrial Estate, Park Royal, London, UK. December 15, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Lumix LX100M2.

PeopleBrighton beach, as on of the hottest days of the year comes to an end. As the COVID 19 lockdown has been relaxed, thousands of beachgoers flocked to Brighton as temperatures hit 30C (lower than the maximum temperature in South East England, which topped 36C). Authorities in Brighton have taken action to reduce the crowds at their beaches, on one of the hottest days of the year, with fears that social distancing will not be possible. Brighton, UK. August 07, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Lumix G9 and Leica DG 50-200mm.

PortraitProfessional Dancer Faye Stoeser. The Millennium Bridge, Bankside, London, UK. September 15, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Leica SL2 and Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN Art.

PortraitA portrait of Jim Connor (former picture editor, The Herald, Glasgow) enjoying a pint of Guiness at The Long Hall pub in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. January 17, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Sigma fp and Leica 35mm APO Summicron SL.

PortraitYoshie At Quant. A portrait of fine art photographer Yoshie Nishikawa at the Mary Quant exhibition. Victoria and Albert Museum. London, UK. February 07, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Shot on a Sigma fp and Leica 35mm APO Summicron SL.

All the images were shot in raw and processed on an Apple Mac Pro (2013 model) in Adobe’s Lightroom. The monochrome work was then finished in Exposure Software’s X6. To maintain absolute and precise control during processing, calibrated Eizo CG monitors were used.

Interestingly, several of the images here were shot for a feature I was writing for Amateur Photographer magazine, titled The L Mount Alliance: “A Safe Investment”.



With huge thanks to all who contributed, especially our main sponsors, Gogar Services and Fujifilm UK.

“UNLOCKED” – a public art project by the Ealing satellite group of London Independent Photography, with the generous support of Ealing Police Station, to stimulate reflection and discussion of the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives and ways forward. This unprecedented project will be on five storeys, on the front of the Police station, providing a canvas, the likes of which have probably never been seen in London before.

A mockup showing Ealing Police Station and the immense size of our project.

We need to ask a favour! This is a huge exhibition project planned for September, as part of BEAT. It’s a project that has taken over a year of planning and discussion.

Matching face mask and outfit to one’s surrounds as the lockdown comes to an end. Knightsbridge, London, UK. June 14, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

Alongside generous support by FujiFilm UK, we’ve applied for an arts grant to help with the funding. As part of that application for the grant, there is a crowdfunding aspect. The grant committee will monitor how many backers we have and from that, gauge interest in the outdoor exhibition and decide to back this unique project or not. We would hugely appreciate your support in making out 5-storey public art project become a reality.

Please back our project and make your pledge, regardless of how large or small: Every individual pledge will bring us closer to getting the grant and bringing this to life.

Kindly share the link or this post far and wide. Thank you.

Alongside the exhibition, we are also planning a talk and workshops given by photographers in the group, about this project, in conjunction with OPEN Ealing.

NHS superhero mural by street artist Lionel Stanhope, pays tribute to NHS workers as they battle COVID 19. Railway bridge in Waterloo. Near empty streets during the lockdown as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. London, UK. May 30, 2020. Photo: Edmond Terakopian