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Street Photography Workshop With Steve Simon and Edmond Terakopian

London | July 10-16 | 2022

Thrilled to announce that Steve Simon and I will be hosting a photography workshop in London, from July 10th to the16th, 2022. This fully immersive workshop will be focused on street photography and travel photography, with direction and feedback from us both, on a daily basis. Steve and I will share our own approaches and philosophies to capturing daily life, on the streets. You can see more about my work here.

Friends gather and perform parkour jumping tricks on the beach of the River Thames, during a heat wave bank holiday. Bankside, London, UK. May 06, 2018. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

For more information, please visit the Passionate Photographer Masterclass LONDON page.

A short Zoom chat between Steve and I, discussing our London workshop.

Those who know me, know how deeply I value workshops, the sharing of knowledge, thoughts, concepts and feedback. I’m a firm believer that one never stops learning. Every shoot brings unique circumstances and one learns something new every day. Having started as a passionate photographer in 1986, I turned professional in 1989, primarily as a photojournalist, but also as a commercial photographer, a social photographer and a short film maker. I thoroughly enjoy passing on knowledge and tips and helping those new to the industry, the hobby or a particular aspect of our work as professionals, to pick up new skills and further their career. Anyone who has been on any one of my workshops or presentations will hopefully vouch for my passion and energy for image making.

Photo: Steve Simon

The best way to really advance our craft, is to have a totally immersive experience. To dedicate the week and really focus the mind and soul, as well as sharpen camera skills. Photographing, exchanging thoughts, sharing of images, not just with Steve and myself, but amongst fellow workshop attendees too, is one of the absolute joys of such a photographic workshop.

Kinetika Bloco performing on London’s South Bank. August 15, 2015. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

We’ve kept the number to a maximum of eight, which means we can cater for a wider cross section of photographers, all the way from enthusiasts who want to learn about street photography and explore London with an inquisitive eye, to advanced photographers and professionals, who really want to focus their skills in street photography. This small group ensures much more personal attention to all attendees and creates a closer knitted group too, resulting in a much more productive experience.

Photo: Steve Simon

If you have any questions, do ask in the comments below, or contact Steve via the listing’s page.

The cost for the entire week’s workshop is $3000 (US Dollars). To make a booking and for details, please visit the booking page

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you in London and sharing a week of passionate, immersive and enjoyable photography.

Street Photography Gallery By Edmond Terakopian and Steve Simon

Video and Sound for DSLR Photographers Workshop

WORKSHOP by “women with a movie camera”

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be one of the three tutors on the new two day workshop organised by the Women With A Movie Camera. The course is called Video and sound for DSLR photographers. Needless to say, this workshop is open for everyone (I’ve been asked several times if it’s for women only, so I wanted to make sure everyone understand that it’s for men and women!).

Photographer and film maker Edmond Terakopian using a Canon 5D MkII, Zacuto Striker and Z-Finder Pro x2.5, Think Tank Photo Wired Up 10 bag, Zoom H4-n and Rode NTG-3 mic The wedding of Sheleen and Ben. August 28, 2010. Photo: Jeff Ascough

The workshop will be on the 26th and 27th of October 2012, at the October Gallery in London,featuring tutors Lefteris Pitarakis, a photojournalist with AP for 14 years, along with Phil Hartley, a sound engineer and recordist with over 20 years experience in this field and myself.

For more information and to book you spot (places are limited though, so do hurry), visit Women With A Movie Camera.

Attendees will receive various helpful discounts:

The workshop is supported by Calumet and on the day delegates will receive various offers from them.

Fixation will also be giving each delegate a £25.oo voucher

Our friends at New Day Pictures will also be offering delegates 20% off all rentals for 2012!

Hope to see you there!

Nik Software Plugins Workflow

Digital Image Processing with Aperture and Nik Software

Here is a recording of my online seminar (webinar from November 30th, 2011) showing how I use Nik Software’s plugins and Aperture for my image processing.

Leica Akademie

Leica M9 Interactive Workshops

Photographer Edmond Terakopian testing out the Leica M9 shortly after it's announcement. September 17, 2009. Photo: Antje Bormann

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be running a series of workshops at the Leica Akademie in Mayfair, London. The workshop is called “Leica M9 Interactive” and is aimed at professional DSLR users and experienced DSLR enthusiasts who would like to experience what it’s like to handle and shoot with a Leica M9. Part of the complimentary three hour course will involve  taking photographs on a Leica M9 and lens which will be loaned to you. You will be free to take home the pictures to peruse at your leisure and see what makes Leica’s lenses legendary.

Leica Store, Bruton Place, London. December 02, 2010. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

I’ll also be showing a range of my assignment work, commercial photography and also personal work, explaining why I chose the Leica M9 and answer any questions you may have about the system and how it can integrate within your current working setup.


For more details, dates and to make a booking, please visit The Leica Akademie website. When booking (by email or phone, details of which are on the Akademie website) you will need to specify “Leica M9 Interactive by Edmond Terakopian”. Hope to see you there!

A selection of images from one of the Leica Akademie M9 Interactive workshops in Mayfair, London. Photos: Anthony Upton

Want To Know About Audio?

The Mic Tour 2011

Probably the biggest challenge for any photographer trying to shoot video is audio; as visual people, we already have visual literacy and the video stuff is easier to grasp, but audio is a completely new world.

The Rode NTG-2 microphone mounted on a Canon 5D MkII DSLR. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be speaking at the Mic Tour 2011, along with some real audio experts; John Willett and Alex Joseph.

Photographer and film maker Edmond Terakopian using a Canon 5D MkII, Zacuto Striker and Z-Finder Pro x2.5, Think Tank Photo Wired Up 10 bag, Zoom H4-n and Rode NTG-3 mic The wedding of Sheleen and Ben. August 28, 2010. Photo: Jeff Ascough

My talk is going to be perfect for anyone wanting to learn a little about how I record audio for my DSLR video work. Hope you can make it!

Wednesday 23rd November 2011

SAE Bankstock Studios, 42-44 De Beauvoir Crescent, London, N1 5SB

Go to the Mic Tour 2011 to register and find out more details.

Bespoke Workshops

Custom Tailored Photography, DSLR Video and Software Workflow One-on-one Workshops

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Through the years, on assignment, giving presentations and collecting the occasional award for my work.

I thoroughly enjoy passing on knowledge and tips and helping those new to the industry or a particular aspect of our work to pick up new skills and further their career. Anyone who has been on any one of my workshops or presentations will hopefully agree. Having started as a photographer in 1989, there’s usually a thing or two that I can pass on!

I’ve discovered that there is very much a need for a different kind of workshop however, a more focused and bespoke workshop. We are all at different levels in our photography and therefore have different needs as far as education is concerned. Whilst group workshops are a fine thing, custom tailored workshops mean that in a matter of a day or two, so much knowledge is gained, that it puts the group method definitely in second place.

At the moment I can offer bespoke one-on-one workshops on the following topics:

Photography (photojournalism, portrait, street photography and so on), DSLR Video, Audio, Multimedia / Convergence, Workflow, Portfolio Editing, Photo Essay Construction and Video Editing (Final Cut). As an Adobe Influencer, one of my most popular workshops amongst both professional colleagues and photography enthusiasts is Adobe Lightroom. I will not only share my workflow, but help you design a full backup strategy as well.

Naturally this is a very general list; if a topic isn’t listed, do get in touch and if it’s something I can help with, I will. If not, perhaps I may know someone who can. Also, depending on how in-depth we need to go, several topics can be covered in a day.

I’ve also been a tutor at the prestigious Leica Akademie in London, and having been a Leica user since 1989, am more that fluent in Leica M camera use. One of the most popular workshops amongst Leica M users is my street photography day, so do get in touch.

My years as an Olympus Visionary and more recently as an Olympus Mentor naturally means I’m very happy to help you with your Olympus setup. I’ve also been a Canon DSLR shooter for many years, so very familiar with their system. My years of writing camera reviews for photography magazines has brought me into close contact with various systems from various manufacturers, so regardless of the system you use, if you need help, get in touch and book a day or two. Over my career I’ve extensively shot with Canon, Contax, Leica, Minolta, Minox, Nikon, Olympus and Sony.

A short video of a group workshop I was a tutor on with film makers Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner:

Filmmaking Masterclass 2016 from Robert Boughen on Vimeo.

To get a general feel for the kind of feedback my last series of group workshops with the extremely talented Jeff Ascough received, have a look HERE.

Here are some comments from recent bespoke one-on-one workshop attendees:

We have always considered photography a complex business, in which technical skills and business capabilities should be developed together. When looking for a workshop to improve what we know and the way we do it, we are not looking just for a technical course, but forsomething that can help us to improve our presence as photographers as a whole. The one-to-one workshop we had the possibility to do with Edmond Terakopian was exactly what we were looking for: photography in the skill and in the business. During a structured day, Edmond analysed both our work and our market strategy with honesty and providing constructive criticism and feedback. After having seen the way we work he always showed us different ways or approaches, always comparing different way of doing things. We have been able to look at our current work from a different perspective, re-thinking our business strategy and our technical approach. I have particularly loved the fact that he did not limit the day to the photography as technical art, but he acted as mentor for the business side of it, sharing ideas, way of working, strategies and tips.”There are no magic shortcuts in this market” he told us, but unlike many others he gave us the tool to build a better future. I think that if you like to attend a course that will help you round up all the sides of photography, Edmond is definitely a great mentor you can learn from. Carlo and Fabiana Nicora

“Just spent the day with Edmond and where there was darkness there is now light! It’s a long time since I learned this much in a day, and my only wish is that I’d done this years ago. Inspired by what’s possible and breathing easy now that the system for processing and storing photos is fully sorted.  Great blend of art and science.  Many thanks!” – Peter Kirkby
“I’ve now had three separate one day sessions with Edmond and loved each one of them. Edmond is clearly a very accomplished photographer but also an articulate teacher and the two do not always go hand in hand. His passion of photography is apparent in his desire for you to get the most of out of the day and I’m sure I have not done my last workshop with Edmond. Highly recommend.”  Jeremy Peters
“Sometimes you come across a real expert in their field, someone with many years experience of the good, and bad, things in a professional area. Sometimes you meet a great teacher, one who takes the trouble to work out what you really need, where your weakness – and strengths – lie, who inspires you, and is not afraid to challenge a little. Rarely do you get both in the same place. Edmond Terakopian is such a person. The time we spent in a bespoke workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made. We covered an enormous amount of ground, and his patience, enthusiasm and attention did not let up for one second. Already I’ve put some of his advice into practice, and very quickly secured a great commission at a proper professional rate only days later, using his direct guidance on positioning and recognising my value. Highly recommended”. Paul Clarke /photographer & technologist.

“I have just done a one day workshop on using video on my DSLR with Edmond Terakopian. I was a complete beginner in video DSLR so wanted a good basic grounding in how to get up and running with my Canon 5D MkII. Edmond took me through story boarding, sound, shooting, essential equipment and editing. He gave me some really good tips and answered all my (many) questions in a clear and understandable way. I now feel confident about going out and starting to shoot small films and editing them on either iMovie or Final Cut Express. Edmond is a great teacher. The day was really enjoyable and taught me more than enough to get me started!” Rosie Hallam / award winning photojournalist.

“The two day one-to-one workshop with Edmond was excellent, both in terms of quality of material and Edmond’s relaxed attitude towards training.  The two days taught me a lot about DSLR HD Video recording and editing as well as an in depth introduction to sound recording and associated peripherals needed.  I can wholeheartedly recommend a one-to-one session with Edmond – the man knows his stuff!”. Kevin Mullins / wedding photographer.

“Edmond is a rare find. Someone who I had hoped would simply teach me how to enjoy using a Leica. However what I found in the day I spent with him was someone who opened my eyes on how to see light, how to look at everything around me with new eyes and took me back to simple ways of days gone by! He inspired me through his personable, flexible and adaptive manner to learn and tune my photography skills. I witnessed a master at work and realised it was the start of a new dawn for me one where I can learn and be inspired but with the support and guidance of a talented teacher who is a delight to spend time with enjoying a shared passion for photography…”. Joel Segal

“Edmond is the ideal teacher: probing, exacting – but always constructive and encouraging. We have had only one session together, but I feel he has already helped to make me a rather better photographer than I was, and I look forward to more. He is hugely generous with his time and knowledge even after the tutorial day, even processing some of my shots himself to show me different ways of doing it. Most of all he is the most delightful man to spend time with; never was learning so pleasurable. I can’t recommend him too highly”. Christopher Middleton

“It was a fabulous day; so much so that I’ve already booked another day with Edmond!  So what made it so great?  Well, firstly, Edmond is a truly delightful person to spend time with…friendly, patient, relaxed, and with an easy-going style.  Secondly, he really knows his stuff…whether it’s anything to do with the Leica camera and lenses (and Canon’s); image processing; or the craft of ‘street photography’, then Edmond has all the answers.  Thirdly, he’s a great teacher…getting the balance just right between giving me advice and feedback, and just letting me ‘get on with it’ and ‘learn by doing’, as well as being patient with my battery of questions!  I also learned by just watching him at work…and comparing his (more successful!) approach to street photography compared to my own.  Lastly, he’s a brilliant craftsman when it comes to street photography…I was both inspired and challenged by the superiority of his (brilliant) images compared to my own!

So I can’t recommend Edmond highly enough and am already looking forward to our next session together.  I had a wonderful combination of great fun, intense practical learning, and inspiration and I came away with more confidence and, more importantly, having made a new friend.”  Jim Grover

“On the recommendation of a friend who had spent time with Edmond in a bespoke workshop, I booked 3 individual days to get me started on a passion I had long wanted to pursue but was limited by my skill and knowledge. Having just completed my 3 days, I feel inspired, confident and read to really pursue photography. We achieved more in 3 days than I could have imagined, for a novice, I feel good with my camera, (his support on choosing the right one for me was invaluable), I now have a grasp of editing and processing and I have a system that works for me. What I think Edmond did really well was his ability to coach me at my pace, whilst constantly providing both challenge and building confidence. He has shown me both technical and creative skills and perhaps most importantly opened up the door to the magic of photography. He has a lovely relaxed style, is great company and clearly a real expert who loves to share his knowledge. The improvement in my shooting is immense and has really given me a fillip. I know I will have more sessions with Edmond as I progress, they are a great return on investment. Edmond, thank you”. Mona Bitar