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So You Want To Be A National Geographic Photographer

Randy Olson; Adapting To The Assignment

It’s perhaps the dream job for most photographers; to be on assignment for the “Geographic”. It most certainly is one of mine. However, perhaps we don’t fully appreciate the lengths their commissioned photographers go to, to make the amazing images that grace the pages of the magazine.

Photographer Randy Olson shows how a job in Easter Island involved normal photography, astro photography, underwater photography and perhaps the most challenging of all, aerial photography using a kite, an Apple MacBook Air and an Apple iPad.

Behind The Scenes At National Geographic, 1992

The Sense Of Sight

A fascinating look at how National Geographic Magazine photographer Joe McNally shoots a story called The Sense of Sight and how the editing process of the 1200 rolls of film takes place, including all the various editorial meetings which result in the 40 page magazine story.