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How Much Should You Charge?

Value Your Work

During workshops, presentations, organised debates, on Twitter and so on, I often come across photographers who are happy to invest money into gear, invest time into learning how to create a good photograph and then are happy to either give away their creations for free or to charge a few pounds for it. This results in the whole industry of photography becoming devalued and those of who rely on it as our only source of income to suffer. Equally, it results in the creator of the image devaluing their own work. If these few pounds were lots of pounds, then think of how much more quickly one could buy that new lens?

Every image has it's own worth. PPY exhibition. National Theatre, South Bank, London. August 28, 2008. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

If a picture is good enough to be published or be used in any way, shape, or form by a company, then it has it’s worth. Regardless of one’s position as a pro or a talented enthusiast, images are worth money.

My thoughts are that sometimes it’s hard to know what to quote or charge and perhaps this is adding to the entire industry being devalued. Here are some great resources to look at when you need to see how much to charge for a photogaph:

NUJ Freelance Fees Guide

Nature Picture Library

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