Stand Firm

Value Your Work

Poster design by Tim Allen.

Carrying on from my previous post on the value of photography, I had a photographer who was a participant in a previous workshop on the phone to me. He had taken photographs for a client and the design firm who had designed the product (forgive my vagueness – I don’t want to cause any hindrance to this photographer’s situation) was trying to bully him into getting full international usage rights to the pictures; they were apparently adamant on it. This firm has no rights to the images.

This young photographer got on the phone in a panicked state, not knowing what to do. As I explained to him, the licensing rights and the full copyright belong to the photographer; cherish these and do not be forced to give them away. You can negotiate a license of usage to someone who wants to use the pictures. To find out how much to charge, some good guides are to use the automated pricing structure on Photoshelter; go to My Photoshelter page and ‘BUY’ any image. Then click the Downloads tab and fill in the drop down questions to suit the purpose your client wants. This will give you an idea of what to charge. Another is to refer to the NUJ’s Fees Guide.

A favourite of companies trying to get freebies is to promise work in the future in exchange for things like licensing, or to try and get a huge discount. These are just tactics and it’s highly unlikely this work will come. I operate in a different way; I wait for a client to become a regular client who books me constantly; I then offer them freebies – but never at the expense of my core pricing structure.

Photography is just like any other business; everything has it’s price. Stand firm and produce quality work.

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4 responses to “Stand Firm

  1. A very useful article, I will do my very best to remember this if faced with a similar situation!

  2. Very wise words – great poster by Tim too.

  3. Thanks for the compliments 🙂

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