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Tom Stoddart Shoots ‘Healthcare in Danger’

Behind The Scenes With Tom Stoddart; Shooting A Campaign For The International Committee of the Red Cross And Red Crescent (ICRC)

A fascinating behind the scenes shoot showing multi award winning photojournalist Tom Stoddart shooting the “Healthcare In Danger” campaign for the ICRC, using a Leica S2 medium format digital camera. I really like this campaign as the studio shots are like I have never seen  before; they have a gritty realism to them which immediately puts the viewer within the conflict zone feel and communicates the message.

The current campaign was shot around six weeks ago and follow on from the last campaign Stoddart shot for the ICRC around two years ago, using Leica M9 cameras.

ICRC_HCiD_Checkpoint2.indd ICRC_HCiD_Field_Hospital_EN_EU_BD1 ICRC_HCiD_Recovery.indd ICRC_HCiD_Riot_EU.indd