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The Journey To Peace And Prosperity

Delighted to have had a second opportunity to collaborate with the talented Carol Allen Storey on a multimedia project commissioned by International Alert. Our first collaboration being Fractured Lives.

This project is on cross-border trading between the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighbours Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. They are the centre of this trading in the war-torn Great Lakes region of Africa. This trade between neighbours is a journey to peace and prosperity, being a source of income for more than 45,000 traders and brings stability and economic strength to the region.

The images and video were shot by Carol Allen Storey using a Canon 5D MkII. We then collaborated on editing down the imagery. The chosen photographs were then processed using Aperture, Photoshop, Viveza and Silver Efex Pro. The voice over was then recorded in London using a Rode Lavalier microphone and a Roland R26 audio decoder. Finally, the project was assembled and edited in FCP X.

The Last Animals

The Slaughter Of Elephants and Rhinos

Over the past two years, the slaughter of African elephants and rhinoceros has skyrocketed to supply international markets with their tusks and horns. Ivory has been dubbed the white gold of jihad and rhino horn now has a higher market value than cocaine and gold. With the expansion of radical Islamist and independent militias in Africa, along with criminal syndicates, the daring groups carrying out these bloody “harvests” are killing these animals at unprecedented rates.

Please help my friend and colleague Kate Brooks with this project, so she can finish her film and raise awareness, in a hope to save these magnificent creatures. Head on over to her Kickstarter page and make your donation, no matter how small.

Please share this post and help Kate reach her goal. Thank you.

Fractured Lives Exhibition

Exhibition by Photojournalist Carol Allen Storey

Fractured Lives is a photographic and multimedia project illustrating the struggles faced by Rwandan citizens rebuilding their lives after the 1994 genocide. The exhibition is at the SW1 Gallery, Cardinal Place (Roof Garden) off Victoria Street in London, and runs until October 12th (check opening times of the gallery before making a trip).

Carol Allen Storey talking about one of her images.

After the private view, a colleague takes in the impact of the imagery.

The project was shot by Carol Allen Storey for International Alert and documents the lives of survivors, ex-combatants and ex-prisoners as they build their communities and reconcile.

Eleneus who did the voice over for the film of the project.

L-R: Photographers Edmond Terakopian, Carol Allen Storey and Joth Shakerley.

The private view of Fractured Lives by Carol Allen Storey at the SW1 Gallery. All Photos: © Edmond Terakopian

I’m proud to say that I have been involved in all the image processing for the project, as well as creating a multimedia piece using these powerful photographs, stories told by the subjects, local music and a voice over. You can view this film below.

It’s an exhibition I highly recommend, so don’t miss it.

Fractured Lives from Edmond Terakopian on Vimeo.