Leveson Inquiry Says No To The BPPA

BPPA Refused by Leveson Inquiry

I’m shocked and saddened to find out that the Leveson Inquiry has rejected the BPPA‘s (British Press Photographers’ Association) application to become core participants in the inquiry.

The inquiry which was set up to look into press ethics and working practices following various recent tabloid practices (some of which are now known not to have happened at the hands of the press) took a turn and began attacking the paparazzi and photographers as a whole. The reporting of the inquiry has muddled the distinction of the paparazzi and working press photographers, calling everyone a press or news photographer.

Michelle Heaton from Liberty X is chased by the gathered paparazzi at the invitation only dinner for cast and guests, after the X-Men 2 movie premiere at "Sketch", Conduit Street, London W1. April 24, 2003. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

The BPPA made an application to become a core participant to balance out the extremely one sided evidence which was given, but sadly has been rejected from doing this.

How is the Leveson Inquiry going to be balanced or even accurate if it won’t accept the BPPA?

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