Steve McCurry Shoots The Pirelli Calendar

Behind The Scenes Video

Steve McCurry is definitely one of my favourite photojournalists and an absolute master of his art. I was a little surprised to hear he shot the Pirelli Calendar for 2013, but watching this behind the scenes video makes the whole thing make sense! He shot it very much in his way and I love the concept of taking it away from the traditional nudes and making more about these amazing women featured. The style of images as one would expect are different too. Beautifully posed models, lit in some cases by LED lights, but juxtaposed against real surroundings, with elements of street photography and teh natural world around them.

Below is the short version of the video:

The photographs can be viewed HERE.

There is also a full length behind the scenes video too:

6 responses to “Steve McCurry Shoots The Pirelli Calendar

  1. I am about to g out but caught this before and what pleasure it is to see such beautiful work. Steve is great photographer whose relaxed style of shooting and imagery bring back the work of Lord Litchfield. He is the correct choice for this year’s Pirelli Calendar.

  2. Fabulous locations, beautiful models, but (for me) the end results were disappointing.

    • It’s all subjective but I for one loved the pictures. A very fresh and new way of photographing the calendar; mixing up posed, fashion images with elements of street photography, all beautifully lit and composed. It’s the first time ever that I’ve really wanted to get the Pirelli Calendar and to my disappointment, realised one can’t buy it! Pirelli give it to their VIP and corporate clients.

  3. It is subjective, but I found the finished pictures to be rather bland, sterile and lacking in emotion. Maybe it’s down to the post processing, the (stunning) backgrounds overwhelming the pictures, the photographer not connecting with the models or perhaps it’s as simple as staged ‘street photography’ looks just that – staged!

    I’m a big fan of Steve McCurry, but I don’t see much in these pictures that lifts them above the sort of work that I see week in and week out in the Sunday colour supplements.

  4. Best to shoot the Pirelli was Bob Carlos Clarke without doubt. Although the locations are inspiring here etc, this cat is just trying to be different and arty farty using his LEFT third finger. Canon and Nikon have spent years developing cameras and getting the design bang on with shutter buttons on right side in order to aide all photographers handling. Thanks for posting.

    • My assumption is that McCurry has an injury on his right hand, so your comment may be a little insensitive about how he uses a camera. The main point however is that his images are known worldwide, published in National Geographic and are stunning, so it’s clearly not how one operates a camera!

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