Excellence In Customer Service

G-Tech Going Above & Beyond

Anyone who has read my posts about backing up knows how important good hard drives are; they will also know that all drives eventually break – it’s just a question of when. To re-cap, it’s essential to have backups, and preferably more than one!

I have seven drives from G-Tech. Superbly designed, solidly built and reliable. Unfortunately one of my drives, a Time Machine drive stopped working; the disk just wouldn’t power up and spin. The drive in question was a 1Tb G-Drive which has been in constant use for well over a year. Good news was that all G-Tech drives come with a three year warranty.

I contacted G-Technology’s customer service and arranged to send it back for repair. The drive was returned after a couple of weeks but what absolutely stunned me was that they had not only changed the faulty drive, but upgraded the case and circuitry to the latest version!

G-Tech are more expensive than others, but with customer service as amazing as this, every penny spent turns out to be well worth it. On a related note, a development with the company is that they are using Enterprise standard drives in some of their products. I’d love to see this extended to the full range; after all, professional level drives are absolutely relied on and some used 24/7. I for one would be happy to have the option to spend more and have Enterprise drives as I do in my Sonnet Fusion D800.

Bravo G-Tech!

9 responses to “Excellence In Customer Service

  1. marc andré debruyne

    i wish it was the same for me.
    i sent a drive in after being instructed to do so. so far 3 weeks have gone by and NO one has replied to my numerous emails inquiring for the status of my drive. i do have a collection of automated response emails from gtech – so they are receiving my emails. the drive did arrive to gtech, i had confirmation from fed ex. i waited 17 minutes on hold (plus the don’t have a 1800 number) but i gave up because i was busy.
    i had to complain about gtech on twitter to get a response from them – but that was 3 days ago and still nothing. not overly impressed to say the least.

    • Oh dear; sorry to hear. Did they give you a number and a label to print out and stick to the box? The European service centre did and that’s what I used. I need to also say that when I emailed them to find the progress of my unit, I got a reply the next day. Hope your situation is resolved very soon.

  2. now even more glad i got one of those… besides it does look rather posh on my desk 🙂

  3. Just wonder why this brand had very bad review, include in apple store.

    • No idea – amongst my colleagues, a lot of us use them in professional environments. I have ten of their drives on the go at the moment and very pleased with them. Perhaps some of the reviews are unhappy with the slightly higher cost? In my opinion, it’s always worth paying for quality, in both the product and the customer service and support that follows.

      • I am really like the look, its much better than other brand… The price is not much different or more expensive. I am planing to buy external storage for my back up and a bit worry with mix review..
        Thank you for your response.

      • I recommend G-Tech to all my colleagues and friends, so have no hesitation in recommending it to you either. One thing is for certain though, don’t plan on buying a hard drive for backing up, just do it immediately! Backing up should never be a plan for the future, it should be an action for now.

  4. Thank you,

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