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Excellence In Customer Service

G-Tech Going Above & Beyond

Anyone who has read my posts about backing up knows how important good hard drives are; they will also know that all drives eventually break – it’s just a question of when. To re-cap, it’s essential to have backups, and preferably more than one!

I have seven drives from G-Tech. Superbly designed, solidly built and reliable. Unfortunately one of my drives, a Time Machine drive stopped working; the disk just wouldn’t power up and spin. The drive in question was a 1Tb G-Drive which has been in constant use for well over a year. Good news was that all G-Tech drives come with a three year warranty.

I contacted G-Technology’s customer service and arranged to send it back for repair. The drive was returned after a couple of weeks but what absolutely stunned me was that they had not only changed the faulty drive, but upgraded the case and circuitry to the latest version!

G-Tech are more expensive than others, but with customer service as amazing as this, every penny spent turns out to be well worth it. On a related note, a development with the company is that they are using Enterprise standard drives in some of their products. I’d love to see this extended to the full range; after all, professional level drives are absolutely relied on and some used 24/7. I for one would be happy to have the option to spend more and have Enterprise drives as I do in my Sonnet Fusion D800.

Bravo G-Tech!