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Canon C300 V 5D MkII

Comparing Footage From the C300 & 5D MkII

A short clip showing a quick comparison between a Canon C300 and Canon 5D MkII. The cameras were set up as identically as possible, using the same settings. Please note that this was shot during an open day event, so not ideal conditions as the settings were constantly being changed on both cameras by attendees to the event! Lastly, there’s a clip from the C300 which is ungraded. Many have asked to see footage which hasn’t been touched, so all of these clips are straight from camera.

Featuring model Vicki Blatchley  Shot at New Day Pictures


Putting aside for a moment that the Canon C300 is actually a proper video camera with all the video functions, flip screen and audio abilities, not to mention the form factor, that one needs for professional video (all of which are lacking on the 5D MkII) and looking at purely the image quality, at first glance, there appears to be little difference between the two.

It’s only when we brought the image into the full editing suite that the huge dynamic range and masses of detail in the extreme highlight and shadow areas started to show the C300 as vastly superior. Even on the non flat settings, the file was just lush with detail. Although I love the 5D MkII, the C300 is just on a completely different level.

The 5D MkII does have an edge in two ways; it has that gorgeous full frame sensor as opposed to the Super 35mm of the C300 (crop factor of x1.6) and is many, many times cheaper, even when taking into account finders / EVFs, rigs and external audio that’s needed to make it usable.

The C300 does have it all though. I for one am extremely impressed by this camera; it really is rather good.

Model Vicki Blatchley at the Canon C300 Open Day and New Day Pictures, Surrey. January 26, 2012. Photo ©

Photographer and film maker Edmond Terakopian at the Canon C300 Open Day at New Day Pictures, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. January 26, 2012. Photo ©Model Vicki Blatchley at the Canon C300 Open Day and New Day Pictures, Surrey. January 26, 2012. Photo ©

You can see my longer, graded, demo reel from the Canon C300 below:

New Website For Video Work


The Cinematic Video Work Of Edmond Terakopian

Some readers may not be aware of my film work; I embraced the Canon 5D MkII when it came out, not only as a photographic camera but also as a tool for shooting video. This opened the door to making films with the Olympus E-P2 Micro 4/3 camera and even a RED One. I love the creative avenue short films open and I can share some of my projects, especially the short films and montages, here on my new website:

Teravision – Totally Creative Video


Edmond Terakopian with a RED One camera (from NDP http://www.newdaypictures.com/ ) with a Rode NTG-2 microphone, whilst shooting "Daydreaming". June 12, 2010. Photo: Antje Bormann