10 Million Visits To My Flickr!

Wow! These are numbers that very few photographers would ever dream of, pre-internet. I was stunned when I looked at my Flickr statistics to see that over 10 Million had visited my Flickr.

My published images from important news stories, especially in the major newspapers or magazines would would have surpass this number, but before the internet, I doubt many photographers would ever have had so many look through their portfolios of images. Flickr has been around for a while and set the standard for a great place to see a variety of photography, covering many genres, geographies and levels of ability.

I’ve found Flickr to be a great platform to use. As much as I love Instagram, Flickr is a totally different environment, where photography is consumed in a more considered way, with more depth and visual intelligence. Its a place where photography is less disposable, but studied and enjoyed with more consideration.

Many thanks for all who have taken time to flick through my images, commented and shown interest. Its been much appreciated.

If you’ve not had a look through Flickr, I definitely recommend you spend some time having a look through, search groups for your favoured types of imagery or imagery made with specific equipment. Finally, would definitely suggest you consider opening an account too.

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