Sebastião Salgado – TED Talk

The silent drama of photograph

A wonderful TED talk by my favourite photographer, Sebastião Salgado, where he discusses his work and what led him towards creating his most recent project, Genesis.

Further Reading:

Salgado’s Genesis Project.

4 responses to “Sebastião Salgado – TED Talk

  1. Years ago you posted shots of your computer work area, and chance of bringing us up to date with what computers softwear you are now using…great blog and twitter…read it all the time…

    • Thanks for the kind comments. Not the best topic to answer the question under, but as you asked, I shall answer 🙂
      I use a Mac Pro in the office for my main photo and video work. I use the superb Aperture for all image processing along with Nik Software Viveza, SIlver Efex Pro (and some of their other plugins also when needed, such as Sharpner Pro (for print making) and Dfine) and occasionally Photoshop for typography and graphic type work. Video editing is done using FCP X. I also have a 15″ MacBook Pro (previous generation) running the brilliant SIlverfast software to run a Nikon SuperCoolscan 9000 for 25mm and 120 film scanning. In the field I use a Retina MacBook Pro 15″, running Aperture and FCP X.
      For the business side of things (bookings, quotes, accounts) I use Light Blue software. Backups and data storage are done on a Sonnet Fusion D800, Newer Tech Guardian MaxiMus (from OWC) RAID 1 boxes and a bunch of G-Tech drives (which I also use in the field). CCC is used for backing up data as well as Aperture’s Vault system and exporting of Projects. Cloud backup is done using CrashPlan and also Jungle Disk (onto Amazon storage).

  2. One thing any up and coming photographer should note is how the power of the few outweigh the power of the many. London is too costly for me to travel to but I would have loved to have seen the Genesis exhibition in person. I’ll wait for the book. Similar to Mccurry, his connection with his subject (and a varied lot they are) is a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing the talk – I would have missed it if it weren’t for this (and that).

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