Multimedia, As It Should Be


I had the pleasure of attending a workshop by MediaStorm‘s executive producer, Brian Storm, at the Frontline Club in London. It was an amazingly inspiring day, lots of information and an array of really powerful and moving work. I’ll be posting projects put together by the talented crew at MediaStorm, and will start by sharing these two astonishing projects. Astonishingly, both of these projects were created during MediaStorm’s Advanced Storytelling Workshops! Such an amazing fusion of photography, video and audio and storytelling as it should be done.

A Thousand More

Take Care

2 responses to “Multimedia, As It Should Be

  1. These are fantastic. I love what MediaStorm are doing, and they first came to my attention why I saw this piece by Deanne Fitzmaurice:

    I am sure you know about Duckrabbit as they are UK based and also seem to be doing great things in multimedia, but have you heard of Bombay Flying Club I had the good fortune to meet Henrik Kastenskov on a Foundry photojournalism workshop last year. One of his students there produced a great piece:

    Just thought I’d share.

    • Deanne is indeed an extremely talented photographer; thanks for posting that and for the links to the Bombay Flying Club, of whom i had not heard. I shall explore their material later on. Cheers.

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