What Interests You Most

Things used to be simpler; Tri-X pushed or TMAX3200? D76 or TMAX dev. Also questions like “Wonder if my FM2 will last another 10 years of solid use”. I even have a Canon F1 (the original version from the 70s) which I used daily on assignment for years without a worry of upgrading or it needing any attention other than a fresh roll of film! In fact, 20 years since I bought it, I still have it and it works perfectly!

Now days it’s about megapixels; both the number and more importantly the quality. It’s about AF this and WiFi that. Computers, software, mobiles…and now, video and audio. Things are changing to put it mildly! It’s all rather exciting actually!

This led me to want to do a quick poll – what do you folks like to read about most? Is photography of the only interest or is other stuff interesting too? I’d appreciate if you’d be kind enough to fill this poll with your main interest. Also please feel free to comment if there’s anything else. It’ll help me focus my writing a little more. Thanks 🙂

10 responses to “What Interests You Most

  1. I love your embrace of convergence (as you know) so would love to read as much as possible from you on these topics.

    Photography is so important, but, the technicalities surrounding it are changing – that’s the way of the world.

    Keep up the great work on this blog Edmond.

  2. Filled in the poll but thought I’d just drop a comment here to go into more detail! 🙂 Definitely most interested in photography, and more the art of it rather than the technology at that. Hence my reply to the poll…

    BUT – just wanted to say that shouldn’t mean I’m not interested in any of the other topics! They may take a lower priority for me at the moment, but it’s always good to be exposed to new things.

    Just ‘cos I’m currently not doing video or audio doesn’t mean I won’t in the future, and reading about the experiences of somebody already on that journey never hurts. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. As for me also, I am interested in photography, and within that, technical innovation but also the business aspect, making a sustainable living with it, but also in convergence, although I don’t have the same level of involvement with it.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for over a year now and must say I have learned a lot. I like your conversational style very much. Thank you.

  4. Ed

    Whilst photography is the bedrock of what we do, we need the software and computers – they’ve replaced D76 etc! I think we can add value to our work with Convergence.

    My vote by the way was Neopan 1600 – push if required, smooth and beautiful. Tri-X was wonderful tho.

    Keep up the excellent commentary on all things – it’s great.

  5. Edmond, an interesting poll and questioning…
    I definitly chose photography, but still, owner of a 5DMkII, I’m more and more interested with video and multimedia…
    I also wonder of how a DSLR can be as tough (or will they ever be?) as your old F1, for example… this is the kind of gear that can handle a great deal of abuse (dust, water, etc.), you may loose your film, but otherwhise, as it is mainly mechanics, it usually still work after a good cleaning!

    Well, maybe not really the subject of this post 🙂
    Still, digital is a wonderful era and we still have alot of thech to discover and enjoy!!!

    • I actually think that something like the 1D MkIV would probably be able to handle a lot more than the F1! The F1 would buckle and so on where as the new cameras just bounce! Also the weather sealing with the new cameras, especially when used with ‘L’ lenses with rubber rings is better. Naturally every camera has it’s limit though…..the photographer will probably reach their limit first!

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