Report-First Open Workshop, 28 November 2009

Workshop in progress at Jacob’s Pro Lounge. Photo: Ghene Snowdon

Photography is alive and well, and talent and passion are in abundance. This is my conclusion after my first open workshop which took place at the end of November. It was kindly organised by Ghene Snowdon of Photosocialise and I’m forever thankful for the wonderful folks at Jacob’s for letting us use the Pro Lounge in their New Oxford Street branch.

The idea behind doing a one-off workshop was to see the interest from photography enthusiasts and I have to say that I was left very enthused myself. The day went superbly with an introduction of my work, lots of Q&A, a briefing and then some street photography by the attendees of the workshop. We then had a quick edit session and a projection of the collective works.
The feedback has been so great and the suggestion of a series of workshops has been made several times, that I’m pretty sure we will get together a series for 2010; watch this space! If you’d like to see more workshops, please make a comment, adding any suggestions for what subject matter would interest you.

I’d just like to share with you my favourite top five images of the day. In the end it was between two images for the top place, and you can see them below:

First Place: Harry Engels

Runner-Up: Antje Bormann

Also in top five: Carlo Nicora

Also in top five: Johan van Eck

Also in top five: Matilda Egere-Cooper

Here are, in no particular order, some comments from Twitter on the subject of the workshop; many thanks for all the kindness 🙂

“thank you for the talk. Very interesting and inspiring – look forward to the next one”

“Thanks to @terakopian for the great Workshop! “

“@terakopian well fone fella. A good workshop worth attending.”

“@terakopian excellent workshop. thank you!”

“@terakopian Also re the workshop, I’d happily have paid double. Really enjoyed it and would happily do another.”

“Back from an inspiring workshop with @terakopian. This is my achievement; as it turned out, runner up of the day:

“@terakopian Hey Edmund! Enjoyed today, looking forward to the next one x”

“@terakopian it was a great workshop!! well done!! so glad I came :-)”

“@terakopian thank you very much for the useful workshop! I hope you run it again (and again)!”

“@terakopian Hi Ed, great workshop on Saturday, really enjoyed it and the chance to see other people’s take on street photography.”

Finally, a couple of blog posts regarding the workshop:

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