Robert Capa and Gerda Taro

I popped by with some friends to see the “This is War!” exhibition at the Barbican in London. Although I’ve previously mentioned seeing the exhibition, it was done very quickly, so I definitely wanted to see it again.

I can’t stress enough what a great exhibition it is. Although familiar with Capa’s work, I hadn’t previously seen much of Taro’s work. She has some stunning images and the whole story of the two of them covering the Spanish Civil War is what romance novels are made of!
Along with images from both photographers, there are a fair few magazines on display showing how the images were used. I must say that seeing these magazines made me so envious – in this day and age there are so few magazines that show off important stories the way they deserve to be displayed. I’m sick and tired of page after page of silly celebrity stories. Anyway…..
Along with the magazines, there are also press cards, caption sheets and various letters. Its fascinating seeing this stuff. My favourite has to be a letter written by Capa to his mother and brother, after the D-Day landings in Normandy; he writes, “…yesterday, I had a bit of an adventure”!! How great and understated is that?!!
The exhibition is on ’till 25 January 2009 – don’t miss it!

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