"Who you waitin’ for"?

How often have you heard that? All it takes is a couple of photographers and almost every passer by will stop and ask “who you waitin’ for”?

The unfortunate thing is that the public, no thanks to programs like the BBC’s Paparazzi, think that every photographer is waiting for a celebrity. People seem to think that the only thing we photograph are celebrities.
Last week I was sent on a door step to try and photograph Abu Qatada who was released on bail. With his family, he’s now living under house arrest in west London, with an allowance to leave the house for two hours per day.
It was rather amusing to see the reaction on people’s faces when my colleagues would answer that we’re actually waiting for Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man. It must have come as a bit of a surprise to find out that: a) we photograph non celebrities too and b) who their new neighbour is.

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