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Fujifilm X-Pro1

Back To The Future

Fujifilm’s new X-Pro1 certainly looks like a very interesting camera. Very much looking forward to seeing what this camera can produce. I applaud Fujifilm on bringing out a large sensor, interchangeable lens camera with an optical finder; this is something I have been begging for from other manufacturers, way before Micro 4/3 or the Leica M9 were even announced.

As photographers we are now beginning to get what we want. There is a misconception amongst most camera manufacturers that pro photographers and serious enthusiasts want large, heavy, professional looking equipment with huge lenses-not true camera designers, please take note! Another issue I personally have is with mega complex menu systems that get in the way of photography; pro photographers we may be, but camera engineers we are not. It’s all about the photography, so please take a leaf out of Leica’s book and create simple, elegant menus which don’t need a manual and an entire day to try and understand.

It’s wonderful to see these small new cameras going back in time for their inspiration; Leica first came up with the 35mm format and designed small, mirror less cameras going back to the original  Ur-Leica, the screw mount interchangeable lens Leicas that followed and all the way to the current Leica M9. What’s wonderful is to hear that Fujifilm is producing a Leica M lens adapter for the X-Pro1 and the acknowledgement of just how good Leica lenses are. It remains to be seen how good the sensor is though, but the X-Pro1 may perform well as a second or third camera, or backup, to a Leica M9. Naturally as it has a cropped sensor, it will magnify the focal length of any lens attached.

What also made me smile was the way the short distance between the rear element on the lens and the sensor was described as producing better quality; it is naturally all true, but again, goes back in time to the original Leica. This is all great news for the photographer though. Image quality and performance is yet to be seen, but judging by their achievements on the X100, I’m sure Fujifilm have done a good job with the X-Pro1.


Dpreview have published their preview on the X-Pro1.