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Rode VideoMic HD

A Game Changer In DSLR Audio?

I must admit that since seeing the press release from Rode for the VideoMic HD, I’ve been a tad excited about the product! It’s still at a development stage so I have yet to see or use the VideoMic HD, but on paper and judging by these pictures, I think those who use their DSLRs for video are in for a treat.

Firstly, it uses a microphone based on the technology from my absolute favourite microphone, the Rode NTG3. Not only that, but it has a built in blimp which means it’ll be shielded from wind noise and vibration. The big game changer though is that it marries this amazing microphone to a built in digital recorder, allowing recording of high quality WAVs, and has a headphone socket for monitoring audio. It also has a display for monitoring audio levels. All of this packaged in a metal hosing that sits in your hotshoe. Very neat, tidy and compact.

To make it even more versatile, it also has an input for another microphone via 3.5mm audio jack. This means if you wanted to boom another microphone, say the superb VideoMic Pro, you could. You would get the shielded extension cable back from the boomed VideoMic Pro back to the VideoMic HD, thus being able to fully monitor the audio. Genius!

In operation, as far as I can tell, one would record onto the device (Micro SDHC, up to 32Gb in size) as high quality WAVs or compressed MP3s. The built in 3.5mm jacked cable then plugs into your camera and passes the monitored audio through. By setting a correct level on the camera and on the microphone, one could even just use the camera’s recorded track for quick and dirty edits in the field and later substitute the better quality WAV from the VideoMic HD when back in the office.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this and see how it sounds and performs. I think we’re all in for quite a special microphone.