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To Be Unique

Unique. Not run of the mill. That’s what’s we strive for in our work. The constant battle to produce original and creative work. In this digital age though, it’s often too easy to have this work copied and for it’s value to be lost.

Although an award winning hand printer (I have two awards from Kodak), I have completely embraced digital printing with Canon’s excellent iPF6300 large format printer. When combined with paper from Hahnemuhle and Ilford, the results are simply stunning. The downside is that due to the nature of it, it is hard to distinguish original and authorised prints from anyone unscrupulous enough to have stolen the image and run off their own prints.

As well as signing the work, I decided to look into embossing and following a chat with a good friend, decided have my own one made by the folks at City Co Seals. I now emboss my collector’s prints and also use a custom made stamp to authorise and help the collector prove that they have an original.

Give them a call and ask to speak to Grant; they are extremely helpful and very efficient. Do pass on my hellos if you call!