RNOH Funding Appeal Reportage

Multimedia Film On Amazing People

This is the most important project I did during 2012; a look at an amazing hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex called the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH). The original film was first commissioned by the hospital’s charity to help raise funds. After filming I spent several days at the RNOH with the aim of just shooting images. Leica M9s to hand, I was fortunate to see some wonderful moments and combined with a recent visit to the children’s ward by the hospital’s Patron, HRH Princess Eugenie in December, I decided to make a completely new edit of the film, incorporating the photographs.


3 responses to “RNOH Funding Appeal Reportage

  1. Extremely moving and sensitively shot piece. Admirable

  2. Mr. T it is a very wonderful thing you are doing by donating your time and effort to this very worthy cause however, I can’t afford to donate monies as I have no available monies. Keep up your great charitable works here.

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