The B&W Connoisseur’s Camera?

The  Leica M Monochrom

Leica M Monochrom. Photo: © Leica

It does at first glance appear a tad odd; a digital camera that only shoots in black and white. There are two types of photographer who this camera will appeal too though; the high end enthusiast who is into monochrome photography and also the established professional photographer who has made a name for themselves by shooting black and white.

I’m very much hoping to do a hands on review soon, but meanwhile, Andreas Jürgensen from the Leica Forum has done an interesting video review.

The camera certainly appears not to be a Leica M9 which just shoots in B&W. It does indeed have a brand new sensor and it’s ISO range is upped to 10,000. Watching the video and listening to Andreas’ conclusions, the camera produces noiseless images at 3200 ISO and absolutely usable images at 8000 ISO. The sensor also renders massive amounts of micro detail. This camera appears to be an astonishing tool; an interesting concept brought to life with a brave decision making by Leica and also executed in a magnificent way. I really cannot wait to shoot with this camera and make some prints on my iPF6300 and Hahnemuhle paper!

Update: I’ve just read a fantastic piece by Jonathan Slack on the Leica M Monochrom; well worth a read and definitely check out the wonderful gallery of images.

Update: There are some images by Magnum Photos photographer Jacob Aue Sobol on the Leica M Monochrom site that are well worth checking out.

3 responses to “The B&W Connoisseur’s Camera?

  1. Who would ever believe that Leica camera not the largest camera company in the world would cater to such a small minority of B&W shooters, well they did. They will sell some of these specialty camera’s to a few pro’s and to those wealthy, odd ball, B&W, shooters.

  2. As he says in the video it’s just like when shooting with film as a pro we would carry two bodies, one loaded with colour film and one with black and white. Now I just need two M9’s! Looks very impressive, would love to try one out.

    • The more pictures I see, the more impressed I am too. It appears to have the resolving power of a medium format camera, but produces such beautifully clean files at high ISOs. I’d love to try one out too! I must admit to not missing those days of a colour body and a BW body and the constant juggling of film when reloading each one at haste! Amazingly, I only ever made one mistake and thankfully figured it out soon enough so as not to have lost too many pictures!!

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