Twitter Tip

Keep Things Relevant!

Twitter is wonderful; very helpful, interesting and I’d say almost crucial. A community to learn from, share with, help out and interact with.

I’ve recently noticed one really huge problem; people mixing up all their various interests, all in one account. As an example, I’ve had several professional photographers follow in the last few weeks. Ordinarily, after checking their Twitter streams, I’d follow them back as being a photographer, we would normally share relevant information. Alas, these individuals use the same account for sharing Tweets about their major passion, in these cases, various football clubs around the country. I need to add that this isn’t a new phenomenon; I’ve had exactly this problem for a very long time. Having to unfollow people because they clog up my timeline with irrelevant to me information, or not follow them from the start.

The chances of finding a photographer on Twitter who is interested in your work and thoughts is one thing; finding one who also shares an interest in X, Y or Z Football Club for example, is much slimmer still. Also, in reverse, these football fan followers will have no interest in the newest, fastest lens, Canon’s new DSLR and probably will never even have heard of Leica or know what OS X means.

My suggestion is to have different Twitter accounts for your photography, football, stamp collecting, cooking and so on. It means you can write to a relevant crowd and not bore those who don’t share all your interests.

Happy Tweeting, from @terakopian

2 responses to “Twitter Tip

  1. I couldn’t agree more! In fact I have two twitter accounts @garyperlmutter for my wedding & portrait business and @gazonthestreet for my street photography

  2. What a great thought. Never even thought about it before, but that’s really very sensible.

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