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Leica M9 Interactive Workshops

Photographer Edmond Terakopian testing out the Leica M9 shortly after it's announcement. September 17, 2009. Photo: Antje Bormann

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be running a series of workshops at the Leica Akademie in Mayfair, London. The workshop is called “Leica M9 Interactive” and is aimed at professional DSLR users and experienced DSLR enthusiasts who would like to experience what it’s like to handle and shoot with a Leica M9. Part of the complimentary three hour course will involve  taking photographs on a Leica M9 and lens which will be loaned to you. You will be free to take home the pictures to peruse at your leisure and see what makes Leica’s lenses legendary.

Leica Store, Bruton Place, London. December 02, 2010. Photo: Edmond Terakopian

I’ll also be showing a range of my assignment work, commercial photography and also personal work, explaining why I chose the Leica M9 and answer any questions you may have about the system and how it can integrate within your current working setup.


For more details, dates and to make a booking, please visit The Leica Akademie website. When booking (by email or phone, details of which are on the Akademie website) you will need to specify “Leica M9 Interactive by Edmond Terakopian”. Hope to see you there!

A selection of images from one of the Leica Akademie M9 Interactive workshops in Mayfair, London. Photos: Anthony Upton

22 responses to “Leica Akademie

  1. Sounds excellent, Ed. I trust everyone will enjoy themselves.

  2. I have been toying with the idea of Leicas for a while. I live in Australia and are unable to attend the workshops. Any chance you could put a printed version on your blog? Love to see if you have the time.

    • Not really as a major part of the workshop is interactive; participants being shown the camera, showed how it works and then going off to take some pictures. The rest, you could get a general idea by reading my review of the M9 (on the blog) and looking at my photostream on Flickr. Sorry 😦
      Is there a Leica Store near you? They will let you try the camera and I’m sure if you take an SD card with you, you should be able to take some pictures and judge for yourself. Needless to say, I love these cameras and even more so the lenses and can’t recommend them highly enough!

  3. Hi Ed – there don’t seem to be any dates on here – do you have to contact Leica to get them? I potentially borrow an M9 from my local dealer (Harrisons in Sheffield), but I’m interested (possibly) in seeing it in use alongside your work and the mix of dSLR and rangefinder (which is how I shot film, so should be logical I guess). Anyway – just interested in the dates at the moment. Richard

    • For dates, contact the Leica Akademie and they can let you know which days are available; they will do all the bookings. There are five workshops planned for this year, so one of them should suit 🙂

  4. I wish! Any chance Leica would put up the airfair?

  5. I have requested more info. Would love to do this.

  6. See you in December, I’m looking forward to seeing your work as much as the camera – have fun at the Canon event this week too.

  7. Edmond,

    don’t suppose you offer courses in the best way to approach low-light with the m8’s?

  8. Would love to attend a future workshop, if i am free.

    • Would be great to see you on one 🙂 Call the Akademie on 0207 629 1361 or drop them an email akademie@leica-storemayfair.co.uk saying you’d like to do the Leica M9 Interactive workshop with Edmond Terakopian and hopefully we can get some dates in for next year. There have so far been two, three hour sessions a day on a monthly basis, so there’s sure to be a time that will suit you 🙂 Hope to see you there!!

  9. Vincent Joseph Formosa

    As i live in Leeds any plans for a tour, every thing seems based in London.

    • Leica have the academy building in London and as far as I know, there are no plans for a tour. The sessions are around three hours long, with a morning and afternoon one, so you could grab the train and join us in Mayfair and grab the train back. You could certainly email the Leica Akademie and suggest it. I guess if there’s a huge demand, perhaps a tour could be organised. Keeping in mind though that the sessions are free, it’s very much worth making the trip 🙂

  10. I wonder what FujiFilm will come up with in 2012? I’m so over my Leica lust. The X100 hits all the marks for me.

    • The Fuji X100 is a great camera; very capable indeed. However, comparing it to a Leica M is completely unfair to the Fuji. They are cameras in totally different leagues. The biggest thing to consider though is that a Leica camera opens up the world of Leica lenses; this is a huge part of what makes pictures taken on a Leica rather special.

  11. Hey Edmond, that’s a great reply. I wonder what Leica will come up with in 2012… Happy New Year. Brett

    • Hey Brett, thanks 🙂 I’ve had the pleasure to use the very best lenses made by Canon, Nikon, Zeiss (Hasselblad, Rollie and Zeiss), Voigtlander and even Angenieux, and nothing comes close to Leica. Indeed 2012, being a Photokina year, and according to some interviews I’ve read (on Leica), does promise to be exciting! I shall patiently keep wondering too!! Happy new year to you too 🙂

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