Driven Creativity Exhibition

The Strand Gallery

Photographer Edmond Terakopian stands by his picture "Love Your Job" which came second in the Driven Creativity contest and exhibition, sponsored by G-Tech. The Strand Gallery, London. October 13, 2011.

Wonderful evening at the Strand Gallery at the opening of the Driven Creativity competition sponsored by G-Tech. Thrilled that my picture, ‘Love Your Job’ was chosen as runner-up in the professional photography category. Several amazing images, including a stunner of a homeless man on the Millennium Bridge and some wonderful films as well. Well worth a look. Check with the gallery on opening times as it’s not on for long.

4 responses to “Driven Creativity Exhibition

  1. Congrats Edmond! It’s a great shot!

  2. I love it it too. It is one of those shots you come back and look at it again and again. I wish I had taken it.

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