Masters Of Photography

By The Macallan

Sky and mountain top scene from plane on route back from Perpignan to London. September 10, 2007. Photo: ©Edmond Terakopian

The Masters of Photography is an interesting project and competition, with year’s theme being Great Journeys. The people at The Macallan really seem to be into photography which is a great thing!

I need your help folks 🙂

I entered five images into this years competition and all five have been accepted. The way the competition works is that members of the public have to vote for the pictures they like and these then go onto the judging round. So please spend two minutes and look at my images below and vote for the ones you like 🙂 The website will ask for your age (as it’s a drinks company) and if you tick ‘remember me’ it won’t hassle you again and all links will just open up. All you then need to do is click on the VOTE button at the top right of the images you like.

Here are the links:


A Pier On The Thames

People On Pier

A Leaf

Battle Of Britain

Thank you very much for your help. I’d appreciate if you would share the link to this blog post on Twitter, FaceBook and with your friends and colleagues via any means! Thanks 🙂

4 responses to “Masters Of Photography

  1. nice images.. votes on way…

  2. Just discovered your blog via Leica Forum. Lots of good stuff – thanks! Voted for Sky and Battle of Britain.

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