Help Me Find My First Camera

Appeal – Help Me Find My Nikon EM

My very first camera was a 110 cartridge Fuji compact. Back in 1986 though I saved up enough money to buy my very first SLR, a Nikon EM with a Nikon E-Series 50mm f1.8 lens (thanks to my friend Vahe for helping me with the choice and steering me away from buying a Zenith!).

When at my first local paper as a staffer, the Harrow Observer, we would have work experience placements from the local schools and we had a young lady, with blonde hair (I think) who was very enthusiastic about photography but didn’t have a camera. At the time I thought nothing of it and offered her my Nikon EM kit, a Tamron 70-200mm and I think a Nikon flash at a very cheap price.

Now as time has gone on, for the last few years I’ve come to regret this! I’d dearly want my first SLR back! Not one like it, but the one! It’s part of my personal history and now means a lot to me.

So, if it was you, or if anyone knows anyone who did work experience at the Harrow and Wembley Observer (Harrow, Middlesex) in the early 1990s and bought a Nikon EM from me, please ask them to get in touch!! I would so love this camera back (thankfully I still have my first professional SLR which was the original Canon F1).

13 responses to “Help Me Find My First Camera

  1. Oye. What’s wrong with a Zenith ! I shot my first publication with a Zenith. Double page in the local paper aged 13. I recently found a picture of Weegee with the exact same camera and lens . I still have it in the loft. Good luck finding your Nikon, Ed. Cheers

    • Sorry Kevin!! Nothing wrong with a Zenith! Actually, I think I have one of those!! I bought it many years later – does it have a string for drawing the mirror back into position after an exposure?!

  2. Hey Ed, I went for the Zenith E… then a Leica M2… always wanted a Canon F1. If I find your Nikon EM will you swop it for your F1…! Cheers Brett

    • Hey Brett – cool, another Zenith fan!! Sorry!! I have that F1 with a 58mm f1.2 SSC lens! Later went on to get (for collecting only) the aperture priority prism motor kit! Amazing piece of kit!!

  3. a long shot but try to find her name through the paper if they still have a record, also ask nikon if it was serviced in which case they also might have a record. though it seems more like a needle in a haystack to me. good luck!

  4. oh and if you still have the serial number – long shot! – you could post it and someone might do a net search someday and get here.

    • Alas, very long shots!! The paper’s picture desk was closed down long ago and there would be no records 😦 I am trying to find the serial number and had thought about giving Nikon a ring if I found it 🙂 Cheers!

  5. OK. Take a deep breath. Cameras may come and go but people and images are important. I’ve owned (since 1968): Bessler Topcon. Exakta VXIIb, NIkon F, F2, F3HP (multiples), Leica IIIf, M2, M3, M4, M6, Calumet 4×5, Cambo 4×5, Cambo 8×10, Linhof Super Technika IV, Hasselblad 500c/m, ELm, Canon 5D and Hasselblad H4D-40. Not to mention at more than 100 lenses in total and darkroom equipment, strobes, studio gear etc. I sold each unit to move up to the next and now I have only three cameras. Currently I only own the 500c/m, the H4D and a Holga pinhole panorama and I’m very happy not to make the decisions as to what I need to bring with me and carry all the accessories. And ONLY ONE WIFE (since 1983). Yeah it might be cool to have them all back but I have no idea where I’d put them. At least the wife only takes up half a bed and a closet.

    (I’m fibbing a bit – I do have an extensive collection of old Kodak cameras, Beau Brownies, Bantams, Starmites and even a Micky-Matic that you take the photo by pulling down his ear. And I’m slowly selling them off in anticipation of a vagabond retirement.)

    • I’ve done exactly the same, selling stuff to upgrade. This first camera is my only real regret as it was the first SLR. I regret having to sell off all my Leica lenses to upgrade to digital, but I just had to for my career so that’s not as bad!!

  6. I don’t know where your EM is but I know where your F5 is!

  7. Did you ever find your Nikon EM, seeing one at the weekend reminded me of your search



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