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Help Me Find My First Camera

Appeal – Help Me Find My Nikon EM

My very first camera was a 110 cartridge Fuji compact. Back in 1986 though I saved up enough money to buy my very first SLR, a Nikon EM with a Nikon E-Series 50mm f1.8 lens (thanks to my friend Vahe for helping me with the choice and steering me away from buying a Zenith!).

When at my first local paper as a staffer, the Harrow Observer, we would have work experience placements from the local schools and we had a young lady, with blonde hair (I think) who was very enthusiastic about photography but didn’t have a camera. At the time I thought nothing of it and offered her my Nikon EM kit, a Tamron 70-200mm and I think a Nikon flash at a very cheap price.

Now as time has gone on, for the last few years I’ve come to regret this! I’d dearly want my first SLR back! Not one like it, but the one! It’s part of my personal history and now means a lot to me.

So, if it was you, or if anyone knows anyone who did work experience at the Harrow and Wembley Observer (Harrow, Middlesex) in the early 1990s and bought a Nikon EM from me, please ask them to get in touch!! I would so love this camera back (thankfully I still have my first professional SLR which was the original Canon F1).