Homage – Behind The Scene Photos

Some photographs from the filming of Homage, showing the Olympus E-P2s in action. The microphone is the Rode VideoMic with a Rode “Dead cat” attached and mounted on a Manfrotto flash bracket.

5 responses to “Homage – Behind The Scene Photos

  1. Its great idea..very real classical music and real picture

  2. Thank you so much!All Haylie Ecker's fans are so happy to listen to her music!

  3. hello there, i just try to shoot with Olympus E-P2s this day. nice camera with internal art setting. but i found noise when i used art, especially in art 2,3,5,6,7,8. and slow shutter in pin hole & cross color. did you use that setting or manual use? how to setting on manual mode? the same setting like on eos 5d mk2? thanks for sharing.. danang pepe (danangpepe@yahoo.com)

  4. I haven't really used teh art filters so can't comment on these. Naturally if you were shooting very high ASAs then there would be noise. I'd try keeping it below 1250ASA.I mainly shoot manually or aperture priority. For the film, everything was shot on manual with manual white balance for every scene.

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