Homage – A short film shot on the Olympus E-P2

A thug with a hoodie breaks into an abandoned country manor house…

A short film featuring Haylie Ecker (formerly of “Bond”).
Assistant Antje Bormann.
Shot exclusively on Olympus E-P2 cameras and Olympus lenses.
Edited using Aperture 3 and Final Cut Pro.
Microphone by Rode.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve finished another short film called Homage which was premiered today at the PEN event in the Brickhouse in London’s Brick Lane.

The Brickhouse screening of Homage

To read a little about how it was conceived and some behind the scenes stuff, please have a look at an article in the British Journal of Photography online. It goes into some detail so I didn’t want to just repeat all they have written, so please do check it out.

The Brickhouse screening of Homage

To get the full effect of how great the 720p HD is, I do suggest you go over to Vimeo and view it in HD.

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