From the Upper Deck

253 to Euston
Every once in a while I come across a project or a set of pictures that stops me in my tracks. This is one of those instances. I first became aware of Przemek Wajerowicz images through Twitter; he started following me and after looking through his posts, I followed him back. He has a great blog with new pictures every day.

9 to Aldwych
Its a genius idea, and as with all genius ideas, its so simple. He photographs from the upper deck of the buses in London. Its such a great idea, and even more so, a great set of photographs. His eye is for the obscure and quirky; I definitely recommend you have a look through his work; do pay close attention though as there’s usually something very subtle going on within the frame too.

36 to New Cross
When I asked him to send me a short biography, all he had to say was “I am just an ordinary guy who takes photos”. Well, they are superb! In the ‘about‘ section of his web site he describes this work as “Only a sketch pad of ongoing photography project. All photos were taken with 50mm lens”.

If the Mayor of London’s office had any sense, they would approach him immediately to exhibit his work and also start using his beautiful imagery to promote the bus service (Come on Boris!).

I’d go even as far as saying that Przemek is like a modern day Henri Cartier-Bresson on the busses.

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