FeRAM and 64Gb SD Cards

There’s a lot happening in the world of memory. Sandisk has just disclosed that they are about to start work on mass production of x4 flash chips. This means that it will soon start selling 64Gb SD cards. Whilst for photographic needs 64Gb is overkill, for video its superb news. Lets also hope that this technology is ported to CF cards.

Toshiba on the other hand has announced that its wrk into FeRAM is yielding a huge speed increase in read and write speeds, with speeds up to 1.6Gb per second; this is absolutely huge and will revolutionise SSD hard drives in laptops and desktops. If the technology is ported into memory cards, running out of buffer on your DSLR will be a thing of the past. Also, for video shooters its going to provide great news.

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