Muse – What The Critics Are Saying

“Muse” has been online for a couple of days now. Here are a handful of the comments collected from emails and posts on various forums. Many thanks for all who took the time to write. If you haven’t seen it yet, its on full 1080HD at SmugMug.

“SO GLAD I’ve just stumbled on your fantastic piece Edmond. The sheer quality of the shots is fantastic and got the ol’ creative juices going nicely here. 
I’m sure that as well as enjoying your project, you’ve helped a fair few people out there decide that this is the way to go for upping the quality of their work/play in the video field. Myself included.
So. Apart from the obvious care you’ve taken with the quality of your shots, can I just compliment you on your framing and sensitive storytelling. You have the eye of a poet sir.”

“Stunning. You raised the bar!”

“Wow wow wow wow….. Stunning!!! “

“It is a piece of art ! Being this your first try I can foresee truly greatness within the projects ahead. I have always thought of working together with you one day, now I feel it is becoming more of a dream. Brilliant work !”

“I am completely blown away by the movie.  I love the sheer quality, the crisp night time lights, I adored the music, though it feels more Paris than London to me (and none the worse for that) and I am totally amazed by what you have put together….”

“I like the way it captured a serene solitude with an underlying hint of loneliness.”

“Stunningly beautiful, Edmond. Beyond the obvious capabilities of HD technology you transcend with quiet and effective patience. You allow your interiors, exteriors and your subject to speak and reveal”

“I can feel her loneliness, sadness….Thank you for sharing! Excellent work!”

“My heart leaps when I watch this over and over..”

“Spectacular work! Can you believe this is Edmond’s first video? Knowing his photography I’m not surprised, congratulations!”

“Nicely done! So many of those shots would have been simply impossible to execute with standard issue video equipment, and I suspect many of those shots—which I assume were available light—would have have required major artificial lighting efforts, even with digital film equipment.”

“Very nice. You really showed off the capability of the camera and your story was very piognent.”

“The best 5D2 video I’ve seen. Better than Laforet.”

“Hi, I really think this is a beautiful film and nice story, glad you chose a latinamerican poet and the tango is beautiful!  Great first video, can’t imagine what you will be doing in the future.”

“the short film kind of reminds me of one of the scenes from Kieszlowski’s Dekalog…”

“What a fine piece of work! Things I liked best:  The relaxed pace, the peaceful feeling.  Very good use of the short depth of field.  The blurred parts never felt wrong. This camera takes us into a look and feel, with ambient light photography, that has only been seen in high budget productions before.  You picked up on that and really ran with it.”

“Simply beautiful, great piece of art! Also good to see what 5D can do… amazing!”

“It’s a very nice film. I like the minimalist approach.”

“Nice work Edmond, the photography was beautiful. Another string to your bow!”

“Edmond, I hate you, you’re making me consider leaving all sensible and rational thinking behind and go straight out and buy a 5D mkII ! Nice work mate, nice work…”

“I loved the relaxed, peaceful pace. Masterful use of the depth of field and ambient lighting the camera and optics provide.”

“A thought-provoking and atmospheric piece – a pleasure to watch. Look forward to seeing what’s next.”

“Congratulations. I loved this short film and found it better than others I have seen, including LaForet. That was an excellent short movie. It captured the essence of the human condition that we are ultimately alone with our possessions that outlast us and the soundtrack was so evocative of a hidden sensuousness and longing. I loved the way you thought through the storyline and each individual segment, focusing on the key subject in each scene”.

“The film had a soft, paced feeling that was comfortable and contented, yet there was a tension whether the connection would really take place.  A nicely thought out short film.  The 5D’s ability to provide such sharp and rich images was evident.”

“Beautiful Night Exteriors. IMHO better than reverie.”

“that is a fantastic piece of work! Very impressed. The colour and clarity are superb and you should be on the big screen!”

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