Can You Believe All You See On The TV News?

Whilst watching the BBC News yesterday, I saw an interesting and bizarre story about the world’s first hotel made of sand; the Sand Hotel on Weymouth beach in Dorset. It had a concierge and you could stay there for £10 per night.

I decided to make the three hour drive and timed it so I’d be there just before sunset to get some nice soft light. My other hope was some pictures of the concierge and the guests who had paid £10 a night to stay there. Imagine my disappointment when I found an empty “hotel” with a security guard.
The whole story was made up and a pure publicity stunt; you couldn’t pay to stay at the hotel and the story, whilst obviously a silly and fluffy story was reported in a way that said it was actually a temporary hotel, which it was not. Now, this is the silly season and news organisations do scratch the bottom of the barrel sometimes, but I just don’t condone behaviour which straight forward misrepresents the reality of a story. The story was a good one and should have been covered, but they should have mentioned that its just purely a stunt and people cannot use it as a hotel.

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