Altered Realities

Tilt & Shift Adapter

I’ve always like the tilt and shift look. Like a fish eye, if used properly, sparingly and for the right occasion, it can help produce some beautiful and interesting images. Although having used Canon’s brilliant 45mm TS-E lens, I could never quite justify getting one as it is costly. A colleague of mine, Dan Chung let me know about a very cool little adapter for Micro 4/3 cameras made by an Italian firm called Adriano Lolli.

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The great thing with this adapter is that it’s cheap and let’s you attach lenses by Canon, Leica, Nikon, Olympus and so on, by specifying the mount you need when ordering. The very cool thing with it is that it’s not a tilt and shift adapter as such, but a 360 degree tilt adapter. Think of it as a Lensbaby with a proper and interchangeable lens on the front. The adapter has a handy lever that locks the movement once you have chosen the tilt that you need.

Forgive the rushed, hand held video which acts as purely an illustration on the adapter’s abilities. Video edited on Aperture 3.

I’m very impressed with this little adapter and it’s helping me make some very interesting images using a bag of old Nikkor AIS lenses. The images you see here were done with the 24mm f2 (which equates to a 48mm view on the Olympus E-P2 – as well as any Micro 4/3 cameras). I really can’t recommend this little tool enough!

Addendum: I have added more images to the set, so visit my Flickr set.

2 responses to “Altered Realities

  1. Great images, interesting adapter, I guess it only works fully manual?

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