5D MkII Manual Control For Video

Apologies for the delay in bringing this to you, but I was having surgery when this was announced!

Canon Enables Manual Exposure in Video on EOS 5D Mark II

LONDON, UK, 27th May 2009:  Canon announced today it will release a firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark II allowing users to manually control exposure when shooting video.  The new firmware will be available for download from 2 June 2009 on Canon Europe’s support web site.

Following the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II in September 2008, Canon’s Research and Development team has listened closely to customer feedback to develop additions to the camera’s movie recording functionality.     

Allowing EOS 5D Mark II owners to achieve even more stunning video results with the camera, the firmware update will include the following manual controls when shooting video:

·        Full aperture selection 
·        ISO speed: Auto, 100 – 6400 and H1 
·        Shutter speed: 1/30th – 1/4000th second 

This is huge news. I for one was convinced to start shooting video purely because of the camera. However, with the fully automated exposure, it became a challenge to override it with various cheats. With this firmware update, its going to allow so much more freedom and it’ll really allow every ounce of the camera’s stunning visual capability to be harnessed. I for one can’t wait to give it a try. I just hope that a similar update is in the pipeline for the audio.


The firmware is now live and can be downloaded HERE.

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