Muse Now Available on Openfilm

After a request from the website Openfilm, Muse is now available for viewing on their service.

If you have yet to se the film, please do check it out. As its my first ever film, I’m very keen on feedback, so please feel free to leave feedback either there, or here on the blog.
To date, the film has had over 28,000 views. To put this in context, this is more views than some classic arthouse films get seen in cinemas around the world.
The film was shot on a Canon 5D MkII using the following Canon lenses: 16-35mm f2.8L II, 35mm f1.4L, 45mm TS-E, 50mm Macro, 85mm f1.2L II and 135mm f2L. The entire film was shot over three evenings and edited on a Mac Pro using various modules of Apple’s Final Cut Studio.
Its also available for viewing on Vimeo, SmugMug and YouTube.

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