Canon 5D MkII In Action

Following on from the previous posts, a good friend of mine Anthony Upton kindly took a few pictures of me using the 5D MkII as a video camera. The microphone is the Rode VideoMic and has a Rode “dead cat” fitted (to cut down on wind noise).

I’m writing a review of the 5D MkII as a video camera for the British Journal of Photography which will be out later in January.

One interesting observation though is that when things kicked off at the Israeli Embassy and there were clashes with the Police, I didn’t shoot a single piece of video; guess when you’re a photographer, you’re a photographer first and foremost.

Photos: © Anthony Upton
For the perfect bags to cover demos and riots with, have a look at the ThinkTank Photo bags. I’m using the Change Up as a chest bag and a Shape Shifter back pack is being used to carry my MacBook Pro. The bag’s zipped flat in the shots. I used it to carry the equipment on the tube to the job, took out the gear that you can see me using and then zipped it flat – very neat! You can get the bags in the UK from Snapper Stuff.

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