Canon 5D MkII By Night

I’ve had my hands on a 5D MkII for over a week now as I’m reviewing it for the BJP’s Christmas edition. Its going to be a sad day when I have to return the camera back to Canon.

The low light capabilities of this camera are absolutely astonishing. It almost makes you feel like you’re cheating as it opens up possibilities where normally you would either:
a) have to get a tripod
b) use flash and kill the mood
c) leave and go home
The shot of the London Eye (above) is a nice shot by night. Not a difficult or demanding shot. However, you have to realise that it was taken hand held at 4000ASA! The picture’s been taken using a Canon 45mm f2.8 TS-E (tilt and shift) which is quickly becoming a favourite lens for creative shooting.

The second picture of France’s President Sarkozy (above) visiting Downing Street was taken yesterday after 4pm – basically it was almost pitch black. As my colleagues were forced to get their flashguns out and swap lenses to a 70-200 and hope the high gloss black door of number 10 wouldn’t reflect too badly, I just stood there with a big smile, the 5D MkII and my 300mm f2.8L lens. I may have forgotten to mention that it was shot at 6400ASA! As I showed my colleagues the picture, an argument ensued – they were certain that I had used flash….until they realised there was no flash on the camera; oh what good fun!

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