Nikon D90 & Shooting Video

Camcorder Info have done a very thorough review of the video shooting capabilities of the Nikon D90. The D90 is the first DSLR which has a video shooting mode, covering 1280 x 720 HD. Shortly after the Nikon D90 announcement, Canon launched the 5D MkII which also shoots video. However, there are major differences; the Canon shoots at full HD and has a microphone jack alongside its built in microphone.

One of the major issues with the D90 is the way it introduces wobble when the camera is panned.

Video clip by
I’m hoping that Camcorder Info will also follow up with a review of the 5D MkII. We’ve seen the stunning results it achieves when shooting video in the hands of Vincent Laforet, but it would be interesting to see what a video camera review site thing of the Canon.

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