Gone are the days of just worrying about pictures. We now spend a lot of time considering computers and software. When the picture desks first went semi digital and started scanning in prints, I was on the Apple Mac platform. This went on for years until the software companies started writing for the PC market. Back then, for me the choice was simple; I had to get a PC laptop as the Mac equivalents were more expensive and the Power PC chips were slower than the Pentium in real use. Also, it was harder to get third party peripherals to work with a Mac.

A lot’s changed since. Apple now use the faster Intel chips and OS X has matured into a great operating system (which is supported by a ton of third party manufacturers), not to mention that the cost of high end Macs sometimes work out cheaper than the Dell equivalent. Also I was getting seriously frustrated with XP crashing every few days on the desktop at the office and on my laptop every time I was trying to make a deadline!

Early 2007 I saw Apple’s Aperture 1.5 in action and I must say I was very impressed. Over a matter of a couple of weeks I’d dropped the PC platform and gone Mac! I must say there hasn’t been a day that I’ve looked back. Everything just works in the most elegant way.

Since then things have got even better with Aperture 2 coming out and the new version 2.1 supports plug-ins which have opened up a whole new direction.

On the road I now use a 15″ MacBook Pro and have a Mac Pro in my office.

For more on the subject, read the Apple Creative Pro article.

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