Camera Bags

Its strange, but one of the most common questions I get asked is “which bag should I get”!

After years of searching, I think I’ve found the answer. Its a relatively new American company called ThinkTank Photo. The good news is that you can now buy their range in the UK from SnapperStuff.

There was a little profile on what I use from the range in the last catalogue and here’s a section from it:

“Its always a struggle” says Edmond. “Sometimes the work can be very challenging and demanding, both physically and emotionally. The last thing I need is for my equipment to be a barrier and distract me from the assignment at hand”.
“I spend a lot of time researching what’s available. In the old days, the camera stayed more or less constant. It was film and paper which kept changing and getting better. Nowdays there’s such a huge progression in the quality of digital cameras, computers, software and transmission means that if one doesn’t want to fall behind, one has to put in the research time”.
“I find that Canon’s range of lenses and cameras fit the way I work very well. I’m delighted to have discovered Apple’s Aperture and the new MacPro and MacBook Pro which work a treat and have never let me down”.
“Its one thing having found the photographic and computer gear and a different thing altogether when it comes to carrying the equipment. My storeroom is filled with various bags, of all shapes and sizes, and from all different manufacturers. I’m ashamed to say that a month wouldn’t go by without me buying a new bag or pouch in an attempt to find that most elusive of goals; the perfect bag. I’m happy to say that this habit is well and truly behind me now after I discovered ThinkTank Photo on the internet several years ago, even before they were available in the UK. A quick email to Doug Murdoch resulted in a phone conversation and a great professional bond. It was very refreshing to find someone who was so very passionate about what they did, had a very good understanding of the professional photographers’ needs, but even more importantly was open to new ideas and suggestions. I must admit that in all these years I have yet to find any manufacturer of bags and pouches that puts so much effort into perfecting design and quality of manufacture”.
“I use an Airport Security to transport most of my gear. A Glass Taxi carries one of my long lenses and a few other bits. I also use an Urban Disguise to carry two further bodies and four prime lenses. The one bag that I adore over all others for anything that involves working fast whilst on the move is the Change Up. I’ve had a prototype version of this and can’t even imagine going to work without it. If I need to carry any more gear, I attach one or two Chimp Cages to the side. It’s a superb system that just works well”.

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