Edmond Terakopian talking with a delegate after one of the presentations. Photo: Ian Rudgewick-Brown
This volcanic eruption in Iceland has certainly messed up many peoples plans, causing air travel to cease in Europe. One person who fell victim to the ash cloud was colleague Joe Buissink who has been trapped for days and alas cannot make the “Ascough / Buissink” workshops in the UK. Ok, so that’s the bad news.
Good news is that all is not lost and when Jeff Ascough rang to see if I could help out, I jumped at the chance. So the workshops aren’t cancelled and in fact the first one was today.
Jeff has very accurately been described by many as one of the very top wedding photographers in the world. If you haven’t seen his work, I urge you to do so immediately; it’s stunning.
Although I’m not a wedding photographer but a photojournalist, Jeff and I actually approach our differing subjects in the same journalistic way. Over the next few days I’ll be presenting my work, approach and workflow at the workshops. So, let these workshops now be known as the “Ascough / Buissink who has been marooned because of volcanic ash and alas cannot make it / Terakopian” workshops. The small surprise I have in store for attendees is that I do actually shoot weddings too, so will be sharing my work and thoughts.
The four dates in Watford (April 20th to 23rd) are sold out, but there are a handful of places still for the Edinburgh workshop on the 25th and 26th of April. So if you fancy some great photography and conversation, BOOK NOW!!

Some feedback from Twitter, FaceBook and emails:

[Big thanks for all the kind words folks; much appreciated 🙂 Edmond]

I genuinely loved your presentation and seeing your amazing work was fantastic.

really enjoyed your session and loved your work.

Back from the Jeff Ascough Seminar. Joe B couldn’t make it, but more than happy to see the work of and hear Edmond Terakopian.

back from a kickin’ 2 day seminar with Jeff Ascough and Edmond Terakopian

you were superb (as was Jeff). Great to have met you: i really enjoyed hearing your stories and seeing your stunning work.

Hi Ed, saw you at the Ascough seminar yestdy. Loved ur work & found your genuine & no-nonsense personality v inspiring! Thank u.

enjoyed your talk yesterday, Armenian images were incredible…

Had a great time at the Jeff Ascough seminar.Wonderful to be treated to a session with @terakopian. Incredible photojournalist

@terakopian joined us today at the seminar and provided us with a great talk on his work and workflow!

@terakopian Once again, thanks for the seminar today! Your work is fantastic!

@terakopian Great presentation today.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences and images with us at the ‘ Ascough-Terakopian ‘ seminar yesterday. Recalling the not too distant history of Nagorno Karabagh and the Armenian earthquake, I found your images both powerful and thought-provoking and appreciate the time you took in presenting to us.

Just had a great workshop with UK photojournalist Edmond Terakopian, really nice guy & great photographer.

Just been on a two day seminar with Jeff Ascough and @terakopian. Awesome images from both, and Ed has a new, firm fan! (nice guys too :))

Thanks again for an amazing 2 days, I was holding back tears during your earthquake sequence. Beautiful work.

@terakopian Such an inspirational pleasure to meet you at Jeff Ascough’s seminar.

yes brilliant, got a lot from it. Can’t wait to get my camera out! @terakopian was brilliant too!

Another great day with @terakopian and Jeff Ascough. V inspirational. The thought/depth behind each image is phenomenal

@terakopian Thanks again for today’s inspiring seminar, I really enjoyed your work & your thoughts. Look forward to following your work.

@terakopian thank you for your talk and insight into your work yesterday . It left me motivated and keen to get out taking pictures!

just got back from 2day seminar/masterclass wedding photography with Jeff #Ascough and guest speaker Edmond @Terakopian ; well done lads!

2 day seminar with Jeff Ascough & Edmond Terakopian was superb – thanks to both for taking the time out to speak to us all

Twas a pleasure to meet you in Watford last week and to hear you speak, many thanks for stepping in

I attended your photo presentation yesterday in
Edinburgh. I didn’t get a chance to speak to you so I would just like to
say a big big thank you for sharing your wonderful work. I particularly
liked the black and white projects at the beginning – what amazing images
so beautiful and so emotional.

I was one of the attendees at the Jeff Ascough seminar at Watford. I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous slides and explaining your photographic process. It was very interesting and I am really glad that Joe didn’t make it as I think I probably learnt more about photography in general that if he was there. Also, I must say that your iconic pictures of the London bombings are a gift to all of us, to never forget what happened.

The seminar was superb and getting Ed to stand in for Joe B was a master stoke. His presentation was amazing.

Thanks so much for an amazing seminar Jeff, I’ve never taken so many notes before; my hand was killing me from writing down so many inspiring, useful and brilliant things!! Ed was superb and hugely inspiring so many thanks for inviting him.

I enjoyed the two days and came away with a lot. Ed’s Armenian earthquake presentation and his photographs of the London bombings most definitely put the photographing of weddings in perspective.

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