New Bags From Think Tank Photos

Think Tank Photo have launched several new bags. The Shape Shifter (above) is definitely of more interest to photojournalists. It has a genius way of swallowing up a whole professional level of camera gear and a laptop with accessories. What sets it apart from all other bags though is its ability to compress the camera section away, just leaving a 3″ deep laptop bag. This is great for travelling to assignment, taking out your gear and then turning the bag into a slim laptop carrie
r which is light and so slim that you won’t be bumping into people or objects. I have written a full review for the BJP which will be out very soon.

The other bag is part of a series called Street Walker (above). Its a very neat design which can carry a laptop and full pro level camera gear.

You can purchase these bags on-line from SnapperStuff.

I’m a big fan of the products from Think Tank Photo and every bag I use is made by the company. I have yet to find better designed or better made rollers, back packs, pouches or shoulder bags. One of the things that sets the company apart from others is that it listens to photographers and has a design board made up of photographers from around the world with different disciplines. If you haven’t yet seen the range, I definitely recommend you look through their web site and pop into your local shop to try them out; you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, founder of Think Tank Photo, Doug Murdoch, has published a new free white paper called “Active Shooting vs. Transportation/Storage” which is available to download.

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