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The Space, Brighton – Great Place!

Some of you may remember that earlier this month I was invited to give a talk about my work at The Space.

I must say that it was an absolute joy and the crowd were fantastic with some great questions. The evening began with a couple of audio slide shows and carried on with some questions by presenter Lisa Holloway.
Photographer Neil Hawkins kindly sent through these pictures; many thanks Neil.
Lastly, a big thanks to Wayne Imms who is the creative director of The Space. I definitely recommend you pop by at their future events.

Zeiss PhotoScope 1800mm f3.3

Its designed for bird watchers, but the Zeiss PhotoScope 85 T* FL  may just be ideal for news photographers too. Its a 600mm to 1800mm scope, f2.4 to f3.3, with a built in 7 megapixel camera. To top off this astonishing spec, it ony weighs 2.9 Kg!

Photo Storage Device

Hyperdrive have launched what they call the world’s fastest memory card backup portable hard drive. The unit’s called the Colorspace UDMA and can download a 2Gb card in a minute (with full data verification). 

I used to use an Epson P2000 when it first came out; in the field this was useful as it allowed a backup of either my cards, or a separate backup to what I’d downloaded onto my laptop to work from. In the case of the latter method, I would download a card onto my laptop, and whilst I was editing and captioning, the P2000 would download the same card as a second backup.
The problem with early units such as the Epson was that they were very slow, taking several minutes (seven if my memory serves) to download 1Gb. With the new Colorspace UDMA, in seven minutes you could download 14Gb!
Other neat things with the unit include maximum storage capacity of up to 500Gb, viewing of any RAW format, 2 slots covering 14 different types of memory card form factors and a battery which is good for 250Gb of downloading per charge. Pretty impressive stuff chaps!

Philip Blenkinsop Wins Visa d’Or Prize

As the last night’s projection was cancelled at Visa Pour L’Image due to heavy rain, the prize giving ceremony for the festival’s top honour was made in an interesting way; outside a restaurant where Philip was dining.

There’s an emotional video of the event and its touching how Philip accepts the prize, which he won for his coverage of the earthquake in China this year.

Eizo Monitor At Great Price!

Came across this from a company called Sterling XS. They’re selling brand new Eizo Flexscan S1921-SH 19″ monitors at £152.74 (in VAT).

Eizo make some amazing monitors. Whilst I have no personal experience with that monitor, the price seems to good to miss. Also, I have no connection with the company, but wanted to share the deal.

My favourite portrait photographer

Yousuf Karsh (1908-2002).

If you’re not familiar with his work, I strongly urge you to check out this new website dedicated to his life and photographs.
His lighting and compositions are a thing of pure beauty.

The Prize of Prague 02